WTF: Mother Believes Son is Possessed and Slashes His Throat

Daphne Spurlock mugshot
Daphne Spurlock, a christian woman from Texas is currently is police custody after she accused of slashing her 5-year-old son’s throat with a kitchen knife, stomping on his head and chest. When investigators asked Spurlock why she did it; she responded: “She was reading the bible with him and realized that her son was infested with demons and she had to get them out of him”.

Tameka Worthy says her mother is a christian, someone who wouldn’t never hurt anyone. She stated that when the child’s father came home to find Spurlock standing in the living room with a knife next to the child, he heard her saying “You gonna come outta him, You Gonna come outta him”.

The child was air-lifted to a nearby children’s hospital with severe injuries. OMG, this woman needs to be locked away indefinitely in a psych somewhere, obviously she’s the one possessed.

Watch: Mother Believes Son is Possessed and Slashes His Throat

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    • Elaine .C. Hyatt

      What kind of a sick mind operates like that omg!!