Wendy Williams on Fantasia Again About Her Relationship with Antwaun Cook

Wendy Williams
Talk show host, Wendy Williams is once again talking about former “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino and her relationship with her new baby with Antwaun Cook. The talk show diva first got on Fantasia’s back in January and Wendy is on the case once more like “Matlock“.

On the Monday (March 12) episode of her show, Williams showed some “tough love” to Fantasia when she talked as if she was very concerned of the recent rumors of Fantasia’s married baby’s father getting back with his wife Paula Cook. To tackled the topic head on, she quote an old phrase “How you get him is how you’ll lose him, Fantasia”.

Excerpt from the Wendy Williams Show bashing Fantasia:

It’s tough love time again. Antwaun is allegedly cheating on Fantasia with his estranged wife Paula, but there’s a phrase that goes ‘How you get him is how you’ll lose him’ Fantasia.

I hate talking about this girl. I honestly do, but I’m coming from the place of the wife, so I really … like women like that … just like … are you serious?

And men like that too! But it takes two to tango, and we as the smarter sex are supposed to know better, Fantasia.

And then, not only that … but you got pregnant by a man who works at a T-Mobile store with two kids already and an ex-wife, you knowing yourself that your finances aren’t so good to be able to support him like that? I’m just saying!

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