Tina Turner to get married again at 73

Tina Turner and Erwin BachIts never too late to find true love and Tina Turner is living proof. The singer is set to walk down the isle again at the age of 73 with her fiance Erwin Bach. She likes them young as her fiancé is only 57-years-old. The couple is set to get married soon all the way in Switzerland, but no date has been confirmed.

We will keep you guys updated as more information is revealed regarding Tina Turner’s wedding! Its a shocker that she’s getting married for a second time after a really bad first marriage. However, they have been together for 27 years so this is definitely true love.

Tina Turner

Songtress Tina Turner shows that she can still rock a catsuit after decades in the entertainment industry!

There’s no denying true love when you see it. Watch the video below with Tina Turner and her fiance 57-year-old Erwin Bach talking about their relationship after being together for 27 years! Apparently Erwin proposed to Tina before but she turned him down, so he did it again and she accepted! Congrats Tina and Erwin.

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