Golden Eagle Attempt to Snatch Child in Montreal

Golden Eagle Attempt to Snatch ChildOne of the latest viral video is of sometime extraordinary which any of us could admit we have never heard of, much less to see. In the amazing video, a golden eagle swoops down and tries to snatch a baby at a park in Montreal, Canada.

Fortunately, the child was heavier that the eagle could manage so the bird had to release the child after carrying him/her a few inches. We are also happy to mention that the child survived the attack unharmed, and is still with the parents.

Before uploading the footage to Youtube, some editing was done transforming the part where the eagle tried to snatch the child into slow motion and adding the Chariots of Fire theme. Watch the video yourself below!

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Toyota Motor Corp's Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada poses next to the company's newly developed compact electric vehicle eQ after a news conference in Tokyo September 24, 2012. Toyota will release 21 new hybrid vehicle models over the next three years, the Japanese automaker said on Monday. REUTERS/Yuriko NakaoToyota and Inc has announced that they will be launching a new social networking site in early 2013 which will be aimed at owners of internet-enabled Toyota vehicles.

The social networking site will be called; “Toyota Friend”. Upon hearing this you might wonder, why the company doesn’t make use of Facebook as it is, but Toyota Friends won’t allow you to see your friends pictures getting wasted at parties and photos of cute kitten, as you would on Facebook.

Instead, it gives owners the ability to befriend their own cars. Customers will maintain a relationship with their vehicles and have simple conversations with the vehicle. They will be able to get updates from the vehicle when it is due for maintenance such as oil changes, tire change or even when it needs a full charge.

For example, if a car was low on battery and needs charging, it could send a reminder to the car owner through Toyota Friend so he/she won’t forget to juice up the vehicle before leaving for work tomorrow. A car reminding you to change the tires before you go on a long trip next weekend could be helpful for saving lives as well – just think of all the possibilities.

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Being a father its an instinct to be overprotective, but this guy surpassed the fence of being overprotective and is now in the realm of crazy. According to the New York Post, 35-year-old Michael Canaii showed up at his daughter’s high school, swinging a heavy chain in the air and shouting, “Who’s fucking my daughter?!?”, causing a scare and fright of the students at the high school.
Michael CanaiiThe incident took place last week, the obviously angry, overprotective or simply crazy father reportedly showed up at the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in New York picking a fight with just about anyone he came across at the high school campus.

One person at the school told police that Canaii was dressed in all black, swinging the heavy chain and yelling “Who’s fucking my daughter?” According to law enforcement sources, “He was yelling and complaining that his daughter was smoking weed and not listening to him, and he wanted the school to do something about that.”

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Twitter-Loving Parents name Baby Girl Hashtag

Baby #HashtagAs unusual as baby names go, this name is an epic one. This past Saturday at approximately 10 p.m., a baby girl was born weighing an even eight pounds and was given the name Hashtag by her Twitter-loving parents. Its obvious that these parents spends way too much time on the social media micro-blogging site.

If twitter still exist when this baby girl turns 18-years-old, it will be evenly difficult for her friends to refer to her in a tweet. As soon as she reaches dating age, young Hashtag should be dating Facebook, the name given to a baby boy in Egypt last winter in honor of the role played by the site in the country’s revolution.

That’s a picture of baby #Hashtag above the post, isn’t she a cutie? Baby Hashtag will be getting alot of tweets and be sure to check out the tweets with the hashtag, #Hashtag, you get it?

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The residents and law enforcement of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is now puzzled as they made a bizarre discovery on Friday (Oct 12). According to reports, an oarfish was washed ashore on bustling Medano Beach, a beach popularly known for its view of the end of the Baja California peninsula.

Oarfish Washed AshoreThis is a strange case as an oarfish resides in depths of the ocean rarely visited by humans, in ancient times they were considered to be sea serpents because of their long, slender appearance, and their bright-orange dorsal fins and manes. They’ve been known to grow up to 30 plus feet long but the one that washed ashore had an estimated measurement of 15 feet.

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Chef says he Slow Cooked His Wife for Four Days

David Viens, a California man whose professional occupation is a chef, confessed to law enforcement that he actually killed and then slow cooked his wife Dawn for four days.

Viens, a chef and restaurant owner, confessed to the police that his wife’s death was an accident. He told the law enforcement that he got “violent” with his wife and duct taped her mouth and bound her arms and feet. The next morning, he discovered that she was dead, according to the reports.
Boiling WaterIn an effort to get rid of the evidence, Viens slow cooked his wife’s 105-pound body into a heavy container and used weights to keep it submerged in the bubbling water. The L.A. Times published details of the killer’s confession:

“I just slowly cooked it, and I ended up cooking her for four days,” David Viens said on the tape, which was played in court.

“You cooked on [her] body for four days?” replied Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Garcia.

“Before it was done,” Viens said. It was unclear from the interview where the cooking took place.

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