Snooki Is Pregnant Again!

skinny snookiSources have leaked that, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is expecting her second baby and is now showing her new baby bump. She didn’t actually expect for anyone to find out so soon, she was trying to keep it quiet for just a little longer for more of lucrative appearances.She couldn’t hide this amazing fact about her conceiving another child due to the fact that she is eating way too much to be just eating for one.

Also a source that is very close to Snooki and her significant other has reported a similar story to the public as well about the star being pregnant again. To add to her new addition to the family, Snooki just released her new book called “Baby Bumps” which tells the story of her first pregnancy in 2012.

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Snooki Shows off her Baby BoyJust a mere six days after giving birth, Snooks hit her makeup counter to cash in on her tot’s baby-fresh fame. Snooki and baby Lorenzo have made their debut as mother and son, complete with a chain and Italian flag bedazzled shoes but sans baby-daddy Jionni LaValle, on the cover of People magazine.

The happy new parents told the magazine that choosing a name for their son wasn’t nearly as hard as choosing an outfit to hit club Karma in. “We were going back and forth, and I just happened to think of Lorenzo,” LaValle told People. “She loved it.”

The couple decided on the baby’s middle name, Dominic, in memory of Snooki’s uncle who passed. “I did it for my dad,” she told people. “When I got pregnant, everything changed,” the MTV starlet said, “The partying is long gone. I’m a new person.”

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If you are ready to see less fighting, drinking and cussing, then Season 6 of the reality show “Jersey Shore” returns to MTV on October 4th.

The reality show series kick off for the first time in early 2010 and two years later, we see the sixth season about to premiere.

Jersey Shore Season 6The new season will kick off on Thursday, October 4, and since the first episode there has been so much changes. There has been alot of changes but the most notably is Jionni LaValle getting Snooki pregnant and The Situation getting sober following a trip to rehab.

There seems to be a whole lot to expect from Season, we can expect to see Snooki no longer drinking atleast till she gives birth, she’s also living next door in her own crash pad, The Situation probably won’t be drinking as much either and most of the cast members are now in relationships.

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Snooki In Touch
Snooki has decided to juice as much cash out of her pregnancy possible, the reality star and america’s most favorite umpa lumpa as she’s most famously known is selling every last detail of her pregnancy to anyone with a checkbook and a pen to write a figure on the paper.

In an exclusive which was sold to In Touch Magazine, Snooki revealed that she’s having a boy and she also revealed that her mother really wanted a girl. In Touch wrote:

“Snooki tells In Touch that she and Jionni are deciding between two names – Lorenzo or Jionni Jr. And while she’s thrilled to welcome a son, the 24-year-old admits she was hoping for a mini-me. “I thought it was going to be a girl. I was hoping it would be, because all girls want girls,” Snooki says, at first disappointed, but adding, “It’s still my baby, no matter what. I’m excited either way!”

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Angelina Pivarnick and Snooki from Jersey Shore
Former Jersey Show star Angelina Pivarnick is showing some concern for Pregnant Snooki. Apparently the Jersey Shore alumni is appalled that Snooki being in the state that she is “Pregnant” will be taking part in the reality show’s sixth season.

“Partying shouldn’t surround an unborn baby,” Angelina told Star Magazine in an exclusive interview. She continued to vent her feelings regarding her decision to be on the upcoming season saying: “It’s dangerous. Being pregnant and living in a rowdy environment should go against the values of any expectant mother.”

The sixth season of the Jersey Shore is expected to start filming this summer, in a press release by MTV regarding the upcoming season, the network promises “fist pumps and baby bumps.” But to Angelina “Having a baby is no joke, and that’s what she’s making it.”

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Snooki is pregnant
America’s favorite umpa lumpa has announced that she’s expecting her first child with her beau, Jionni LaValle. Due to the circumstances he decided to make an honest woman out of her by adding a big rock to her finger. Snooki denied that she was pregnant when the rumor first surfaced, the news even had fans and critics alike wondering who the father was.

Snooki’s Ex-boyfriend, Emilio Masella doesn’t think she is ready to be a mother and don’t think the world is ready Snooki spawn … including Snooki herself, he tells TMZ.

“I hope for her sake … not to be rude or anything … but I hope she has a miscarriage.” Emilio tells us he does believe Snooki will eventually be a good mother — but insists … there’s no way in fist-pumping hell she’s ready for it now. According to Emilio, Snooki has always been flippant about having kids … and never really grasped the gravity of being pregnant — “When I was with her, she said she wanted twins. She would always say ‘Let’s have twins.’”

He continued by saying that Snooki will probably pull a “Kim Kardashian” if she gets married. Snooki and Jionni were recently spotted in Jersey City, she was wearing what seems to be workout gear and a pair of pink clown shoes while Jionni wore sweat pants and black t-shirt with “Give Me A Scotch. I’m starving” printed on it.

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