James Brown’s daughter Venisha Brown has found herself in trouble with the law, as it was reported that she allegedly stole a church van from the St. Stephen Ministries in Richmond County, Georgia.. and also assaulted her boss outside a bank in North Augusta, South Carolina.

James Brown daughter Venisha BrownHope Ellis Campbell (Venisha Brown’s boss) told authorities that Brown was spotted driving the stolen van… and when she tried to retrieve the keys by putting her hand into the vehicle, when Brown accelerated and drove off causing Campbell to be tossed over the hood of the car which was parked nearby.

The Augusta Chronicle reported, Richmond County deputies recovered the stolen vehicle at about 1 a.m. the next morning. About two hours later, deputies responded to a call about an altercation, which is when they found Brown arguing with another woman.

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Larry Bollinger Charged
A former pastor who resides in Gaston County in the state of North Carolina was recently indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of having sex with two minors in Haiti. According to court documents, the former pastor who has been identified as Larry Michael Bollinger traveled from the United States to Haiti where he engaged in “illicit sexual conduct” with two minors under the age of 18.

At the time when the incident took place, Bollinger was the pastor of the Christ Lutheran Church in Stanley, NC. He traveled to Haiti on missionary work where it was alleged he had sexual encounters with the minors. The alleged incidents took place in 2009 between Aug. 1 and Nov. 18, the indictment states.

Members of the Church Bollinger was leader of said they are shocked and that Bollinger had a passion to help the people of Haiti. “They were such dedicated, hardworking people in the church. It’s hard for something like that to even seem like it’s even possible,” said Loretta Lewis, a member of the church.

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70 Year Old Virgin
A woman who is claiming to be a virgin at 70 years old is looking to finally give it up, but if you ain’t got at least seven digits in your bank account you can count yourself out of the possibility of getting her dried up prunes. Pam Shaw posed for a photo above when she was young, vibrant and sexy looking for love in the early 60′s.

Shaw says that she worked as an entertainer all of her life, she’s now 70 years old and says she never found the man of her dreams.. never got married.. and never had sex! Pam Shaw may actually be the world’s oldest virgin and now she want wants to give it up.

According to Shaw, she’s had plenty of offers in the past but never really found “The One”, and since she would never entertain the idea of sex outside of marriage, she said she never got her monkey’s greased up.

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Stacey Ann Ortiz Arrested
Stacey Ann Ortiz, a 34-year-old woman from Port St. Lucie, Florida was arrested and charged with domestic battery after she allegedly attacked her boyfriend for not having sex with her. According to reports, Ortiz and her boyfriend were having a few beers at a friends house, the couple later decided to head home and on arrival at home Ortiz started to touch her boyfriend in the intention to initiate foreplay and have sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, he rejected the opportunity to score and opted for some relaxation and watch television. Ortiz flew into a rage and began to attack her boyfriend, he attempted to escape the attack by running down the street in his underpants and sock, but Ortiz was in hot pursuit.

The victim called 911 after he couldn’t get his girlfriend to stop attacking him, when Police officers arrived, the noted that the boyfriend had several minor bruises, a cut on his forehead and scratches on his chest. Ortiz reportedly told the police it was simple a verbal disagreement until her boyfriend head-butted her, which caused the fight to get physical.

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Rihanna at a Strip Club in New York
Rihanna is a female but it seems as if the 24-year-old singer love to make it rain on strippers. RihRih was spotted at a strip club in New York on May 1st, where she made it rain on the strippers and even got a lap dance from one of them.

According to Rihanna, the best way to relieve stress is to hit up the strip club and that’s exactly what she did. The singer tweeted in the early hours of the morning: “Best stress reliever = $tripper$, My n***a I’m faded…And I don’t give a ph**k!”, which was accompanied by a few photos.

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Heart Attack Grill
The infamous “Double Bypass Burger” which is available exclusively from the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas almost claimed the life of a customer, making it the second case of a customer having health issue after eating a burger at the restaurant.

This is the second case we have heard of, earlier this year a man almost died from an actual heart attack after consuming one of the restaurant’s famous Triple Bypass Burgers.

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