Shaq and Hoopz
Apparently Shaquille O’neal is no longer interested in his fiancee Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander, the couples relationship recently came to an end but not without major drama that caused Shaq’s to put her out of the house. According to my gossip friend Freddy (actually my friend on Facebook), Shaq had his fun and is ready to move on, a very close source revealed:

“He was cheating on her the hole time, and like most celebs an attention ho*, that acts like he never wants press. Shaq love to trick off and like most men, and loves things he can’t have.”

It was reported that Shaq allegedly broke it off with Hoopz two weeks ago and she wasn’t too happy about it. Hoopz got really emotional and it got a bit messy that Shaq left the house and has his muscle help Hoopz pack her things and leave. Despite their height difference I was beginning to think that they were an ideal couple but thats how the cookie crumbles.

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Haney and Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods former swing coach Hank Haney has written a book which reveals the golfer’s often selfishness and egocentric behavior. In the book Haney reveals Woods’ dark side saying Tiger was rude, watched adult movies all the time and he was also stingy because he wouldn’t share his Popsicle. The DailyMail UK reported:

Former swing coach Hank Haney is changing all of that – revealing Woods’ often selfish, egocentric behaviour in a new book.
He writes during their six years together, Woods showed little respect for those around him, making others pay for takeout and simply leaving a restaurant when he was done eating – whether or not those around him had finished.

Apparently, Tiger Woods love licking on Popsicles and all the years that Haney was his coach he never once offered him one while in his refrigerator.

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Toddler Wins $1 Million Lottery For Mom

Asheen Ahsan and daughter Anaya Hussain
Anaya Hussain, a toddler from New York proved to her family she has the golden touch when she made her family $1 million richer. Afsheen Ashan said her 2-year-old daughter picked her New York Poker instant scratch-off ticket which won her a million dollar prize.

The mother says that the toddler reached out and touched the ticket on Jan. 30 while they were at the Top Convenience store in Brooklyn, New York. Thanks to the 2-year-old toddler, Mommy will be receiving $31,152 a year until 2031 and she plans to share it with her boyfriend, a 40-year-old grocery worker.

Afsheen Ahsan said she had no plans to play the lottery, but she thought it was a good omen when her daughter put her hand on the ticket, she told the New York Daily News.

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Timothy Forbes
A 34-year-old middle school basketball team coach channeled his inner Mike Tyson and bit off a part of the opposing coach’s ear after a 6th grade basketball championship game. Timothy Forbes is the coach of a Massachusetts middle school basketball team who was charged with mayhem, assault and batter and disorderly conduct in the Springfield District Court after turning himself to the police.

The unnamed coach that was walking around with a part of his ear missing is also from a middle school in Massachusetts (migs). According to WWLP and NBC Connecticut, among other sources, Forbes was enraged following his team’s loss and instigated a fight with the migs coach. During the scuffle, Forbes bit the other coach’s ear, allegedly removing part of it.

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baby feeding
According to an article that was spotted on Shine from Yahoo, a 9-year-old girl gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby boy on Sunday January 29, 2012. The sad thing is that, this isn’t the youngest girl to deliver a baby, according to other published reports. Two girls in Peru, ages 5 and 8, are both on the record as giving birth to children of their own.

In northeast China last Sunday, a 9-year-old girl gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby boy. The identity of the father has not yet been released, although the police have reportedly been contacted.

According to in Australia, the baby was delivered by cesarean section at a Changchun hospital, and both the mom and newborn are doing well.

Other Article relating to this:

These are the worst cases of child abuse and rape that I have ever heard of and the males that are responsible for all these cases need to be punished swiftly. Locking them away for life or giving them the death penalty still wouldn’t satisfy me.

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Lottery Winner collects Food Stamps
A Michigan woman who won the lottery for a cool million but continued to collect food assistance from the state government was pulled from the program when the story made the headline news. Amanda Clayton, hit it big in the Michigan Lottery, she used her winnings to buy a new house, new car and still collects $200 a month in state food assistance.

After the story made headlines, the state’s Department of Human Services announced that she is no longer getting the benefits. After taking a lump sum and paying taxes, the unemployed woman said she ended up with just more than $500,000. When Clayton was asked if she had the right to the public assistance money, her response was: “I kind of do. I have no income, and I have bills to pay. I have two houses.”

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