Lindsay Lohan in Miami
I wonder how she will get out of this, I am certain that she won’t be getting out by saying that her house is overcrowded like the last time when she was suppose to spend four months in jail for stealing a $2,500 necklace. I definitely hope she enjoyed her weekend in Miami showing her boobs at the beach because as of yesterday morning she will be confined her house for the next 35 days. It is being said that they choose this means of sentencing due to good behavior, budgetary constraints and also because she is a nonviolent offender.

“She is now confined to the interior premises of her home at all times,” L.A. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore tells PEOPLE.

It was reported that she checked in at the police station at 5:02 am yesterday morning to be fitted in a matching ankle bracelet and to return home immediately to start her sentence. She should consider herself lucky, the lord is on her side and looking at it from a good angle she could become the spokesperson for the company that makes Ankle Bracelets since she wears them so often.

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Ted Williams on TV Show
Homeless man turn Youtube sensation known as the man with the Golden Voice, Ted Williams was detained by the LAPD lastnight, December 10th after he and one of his daughters got into a shouting match up. It all happened at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood where the two stay shouting so loud at each other that an employee had to call the cops. Neither of the two have press charges, however it is been said that the argument was over money. hmmm smh…

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Justin Bieber
As it is said Boys will be Boys, and Justin Bieber explained that with action when he soaked a State Trooper with a Water Balloon, soaking the officer from waist downwards. The Officer was ready to cuff Bieber, however changed his mind after the kid’s bodyguard talked him out of it.

A state police spokes-person described Bieber’s behavior as “inappropriate”, he also confirmed that no incident report was written so no further action will be taken. Well am happy for you kid, because I really think its too early for you to go Jail Booking. Share your thoughts below..

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TI and Tiny Busted for Sizzurp, in LA

T.I and his newly wedded Wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested after Sizzurp was found in their possesion. You are probably wondering “What the hell is Sizzurp?” Well thats exactly what I thought too so I did a little research and found out that it is actually a real drug, it is also known as aka purple drank or codeine syrup. The main ingredient in Sizzurp is codeine which is a derivative of opium; used as an antitussive (to relieve coughing) and an analgesic (to relieve pain), Sizzurp is ingested when used.

TMZ reports: “There seems to be evidence of Sizzurp … aka purple drank … aka codeine syrup.
– A form of codeine falls under the class of drugs for which T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested.
– Codeine is the main ingredient in Sizzurp, which is a growing problem in the South.
– Sizzurp is typically ingested in styrofoam cups … it’s become a “thing” in the hip-hop community.

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