Lindsay Lohan Leaving Hospital
Shortly after wrecking the rented Porsche in the back of an 18-wheeler semi-truck, actress Lindsay Lohan was taken to the emergency room on Friday afternoon (June 8). She totaled the black rented sports car around noon on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica when she slammed the expensive sports car into the back of a semi-truck.

According to Lohan, the truck driver cut her off and her brakes wasn’t up to par but the drive has a different story and says he even have eye-witness to prove Lindsay Lohan’s story is false. Eyewitnesses on the spot of the accident says both Lindsay and her assistant, who was in the vehicle at the time of the accident, were bleeding and bruised.

They were both taken to the hospital to have their minor wounds fixed. The 25-year-old actress was seen exiting a local hospital in Los Angeles wearing dark shades and a baseball cap which proves she’s safe and sound. However, this wasn’t Lohan’s first involvement in a car accident. In 2005, the actress crashed her Mercedes into another car as she tried to get away from the paparazzi.

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Anne Hathaway Injured Arm
Anne Hathaway was spotted walking around in New York on Wednesday, she was being accompanied by her fiance Adam Shulman… and the actress seemed to have injured her arm as she had her arm in a sling.

It doesn’t seem to be a serious injury as the star had a big grin on her face and showed no signs of being in pain. On this same day, the actress newest film released trailer, Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables featuring herself as Fantine in a heart-wrenching performance of I Dreamed A Dream.

Other than her arm sling, she wore a strapless dotted dress with a pair of fashionable shades and her new pixie hair-cut. There are no details on what or how she was injured but if it is ever know, we will keep you guys updated.

[Image by Lisa Mauceri/INF]

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Minka Kelly Parking Meter
Minka Kelly was recently spotted in Los Angeles, the actress seems as if she was running errands. The 31-year-old actress was seen hoping out of her SUV to feed the parking meter. She went all black in a skin tight pants, black tank top, a pair of thong slippers and shades you normally see on a state trooper.

I’m guessing she only drove to the location is the thong slippers because after she fed the parking meter with her credit card, she was seen with an orange satchel and a pair of black pumps.

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Amber Rose Facial Tattoo
It seems like Amber Rose is a fan of Mike Tyson or she recently saw the movie Hangover II. The video-vixen-turned-reality star was recently spotted at her party at the Cameo nightclub in Miami with a new tribal tattoo on her face.

A representative for Rose later confirmed that the tat was only temporary. Rose and Khalifa showed up together at the party that was held on Saturday night at the popular Miami nightclub, the couple was also posed for a picture with R&B singer Trey Songz.

What are your thoughts on Amber Rose Temporary Tattoo?

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Kim Kardashian at the Beach in Los Angeles
Kim Kardashian is now a married woman and because of this we have to put all the dirty laundry we had on her aside, because she is now known as Mrs. Kim Humphries which should mean something right? Its only a few months to go for the premiere of the wedding in its entirety until the four-hour E! special airs in October and surprisingly Kim made a whopping $18 million on her wedding, yes you heard right. Everyone else spend their life savings on their dream wedding but the reality star pulled in more money than she spend on the event.

According to an estimation by The New York Post, the couple made at least $17.9 million on the affair, The couple is getting paid $15 million for the two-part TV special entitled “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event”. They sold rights to their wedding photos for $2.5 million to People, who also shelled out $300,000 for the rights to their exclusive engagement announcement. Hmmm Wedding is now considered as big business, so you see Kim’s $2 million engagement ring is paid off in full if it wasn’t before. Check out these photos of Kim Kardashian on a photoshoot on the Beach in LA.

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Chris Brown Boy in Detention Mixtape Cover
Chris Brown has just revealed his newest mixtape cover titled “Boy in Detention”, the new mixtape is scheduled to be released on August 5th, 2011. On the cover, there is an artwork that depicts the “Bad Boy” side of the singer with a caricature of the singer, a sexy girl in thongs, sneakers and a skull smoking. Check out the artwork and leave a comment.

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