Diana Ross Broke Her AnkleDiana Ross was recently spotted being pushed around LAX airport, unfortunately the 68-year-old legendary singer broke her ankle while attending a birthday party in November. Ross was at the birthday party of Naomi Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin who was celebrating his 50th birthday.

According to a statement released by the singer’s spokesman, she accidentally slipped and broke her ankle at the end of a show for the Doronin’s party which was held in India late in November. She is fine and has been recovering and is expected to perform next week for the president in Washington, DC.

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Former supermodel, Naomi Campbell was one of the most beautiful models to grace the catwalk, with long flowing hair and a super toned physique.

As one gets older, we know the pounds add on to the waist-line so eventually they get more plump, as well as some people face hair-loss. This is one issue that the former supermodel, seems to be facing.

Naomi Campbell HairlineAfter years of wearing weave, it’s evident that Naomi Campbell’s hairline is now facing the punishment. We found a few photos that were posted by Bossip, showing the former supermodel at the beach while on vacation on a yacht in Ibiza. After taking a dip she emerged revealing her scalp and the funniest part about it all, is that she still has a hunk of weave clinging to her tortured head.

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Naomi Campbell Bikini Body
Age is only a number and recently turned 42-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell was seen on the sunny island of Ibiza in Spain showing off her sexy mature figure in a two piece black bikini.

Naomi Campbell was spotted on the sunny island over the past weekend, she in a frolicking mode while she chat with friends and parade her toned sexy physique with a notepad. Check out the pictures of the retired supermodel who has a physique that still has a space on the catwalk.

What do you think about Naomi Campbell’s bikini body at 42-years-old. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Naomi Campbell in Bikini on the Beach in Hawaii
Naomi Campbell is presently vacationing in Hawaii and on friday the supermodel was seen on the beach wearing black and white spotted bikini with red trim. Her boyfriend Vladimir Doronin and Edward Norton were also photographed on the beach and apparently they all went snorkeling together.

Check out the photos of supermodel Naomi Campbell showcasing her well-toned body in her leopard inspired bikini while having a whole lot of fun on the beach.

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