kanye westToday rapper Kanye West is in a similar situation to Chris Brown, after pleading no contest to the charge that he assaulted a paparazzo back in July, Kanye West was sentenced to informal probation for two years, which means the charges will be stricken from his criminal record but only if he can manage to stay out of trouble for the next 24 months.

In addition to being on a two-year probation, he also agreed to 24 private anger management therapy sessions which should help him think twice before reacting to situations with anger and violence.

Along with the 2-years probation he will also be doing 250 hours of community service, to pay for the damages to equipment belonging to the photographer in question and the medical bills incurred.

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Kanye Makes a Song Dissing His Spouse

kanye westYes, It’s true Kanye has truly done it this time when it comes to having respect for his new wife. Kanye West must have lost it when he recently made a remix of “Beyonce and Jay Z’s song Drunk In Love“. The song was just released Saturday, sources have reported. In this new rap song of his, he talks about Kim’s ass and some of his least favorite sex positions in bed.

He also made a few remarks dissing his wife and letting everyone know what goes on in their bedroom. The part in the song where he makes these rude marks states “I impregnated your mouth, girl, oooh oooh ,that’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.” He just embarrassed his newlywed wife all for the fame of a song.

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Kim KardashianKim Kardashian was spotted leaving her fiance’s (Kanye West) apartment in downtown Manhattan, New York recently.

The reality star donned a semi see-through long sleeve top with a matching nude-color skirt. She also complimented her outfit with gold slipper and matching gold clutch purse!

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Kanye and Kim Kardashian wants more Kids!

Kim and KanyeKanye West and Kim Kardashian are proud parents of little North West, since the couple plans on getting married very soon the question is, “Are they planning to have more kids in the near future”.

While the newly engaged mother was out celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas, Extra spoke with Kim Kardashian about the possibility of her and Kanye West having more babies in the near future, her response was “We definitely want some.”

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Kanye WestRapper Kanye West has plead not guilty to charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft, which stemmed from the incident where he allegedly attacked a paparazzi at the LAX Airport, back in July of this year.

The rapper also filed a counterclaim indicating self-defense… he wasn’t in court on Thursday (November 7th) however his lawyer entered the not-guilty plea in court on his behalf.

The alleged attack took place outside the Los Angeles International Airport, when Ramos was snapping photos of West. Kanye wasn’t happy about the photos that were being taken of him, and allegedly tried to steal the shutterbug’s camera. They wrestled a bit before Ramos ended up on the ground with West standing over him.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestYes it’s true!, Kanye and Kim are getting married. Well Wait!! They are engaged and hopefully they make it to the the altar when that date comes. While Kanye decides to have a private moment and rents out a major baseball stadium in San Francisco to propose to his precious Kim…….HE GOT TAPED AND LEAKED !!Yes, reports have stated that while West was proposing to Kim it got filmed and leaked to a video sharing site.

Unfortunately for the guy who leaked this film, he is now being sued by the two of them. Sources have stated that, Eric George ( Kanye’s lawyer) dissed Chad Hurley (YouTube Co-founder) who sold it to Google for $1.65 Billion. West officially thinks that Hurley is the one who plotted and planned the scheme to post the taped proposal on his new internet venture called “Mix Bit”.

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