Nicki MinajNicki Minaj always seems to come up with ideas to entertain her army of barbie dolls, getting them all fired up and in heat. The female rapper recently sat down for an interview with London DJ Tim Westwood and she has an idea for her next tour, she stated that her next tour could include some fun genital treats for all.

Her idea is to have flying penises on the stage, buzzing all over her head while she performs. Hmmm where does she get these ideas? “Maybe we’ll have some flying penises. Imagine we just have little penises flying through the air,” she said. “I don’t know you guys. It’s funny because I was actually thinking about that today, thinking about how we can build the third tour and make it even more amazing but we don’t know yet.”

She was probably kidding, Nicki is presently in the first stages of her Reloaded Tour so she’s probably not too clear on what she wants for the next one. She also revealed that she’s working on a clothing line she swears everyone is going to love.

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Nicki Minaj Troll Dressing
Roman Reloaded rapper Nicki Minaj made a really spontaneous move a few days ago and deleted her @NickiMinaj account which had 11 million followers. She recently sat down with UK talk show host Graham Norton, she was asked about her Twitter meltdown and deleting her account, Nicki answered:

“A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did. I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me.”

With that answer in mind, I switch to Dr. Phil mode and plead to Nicki Minaj, Please take your medication. Hearing voices in your head is the first sign that you are going insane and you’re in need of psychiatric help immediately.

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Lil Bow Wow: I Hook’d Up with Kim Kardashian

Lil Bow Wow
Lil Bow Wow aka Bow Wow because he claims he’s bigger now recently did an interview with 105.1 in New York, in which he admits to hooking up with Kim Kardashian two years ago. Which leaves us guessing whether it was before, during or after she was with Kanye West or Gabriel Aubry. Gossip Cop wrote..

The rapper-actor is asked about hookups ranging from Ciara to Angela Simmons, and then the hosts inquire about Kardashian.
While he doesn’t divulge specifics – or even explicitly admit to it – Bow Wow implies strongly that he and the reality superstar had a tryst.
He says he hasn’t spoken to Kardashian in about two years, but describes her as a “sweet person” and “cool peoples.”
We wonder if she’ll feel this interview is “cool.”

Bow Wow is wondering if Kim Kardashian feels the interview is cool and how he let the cat out the bag. Definitely not! she just had a 72 day marriage crushed to bits and piece, because of that critics are on her back like a silver tick on a cow, so she will definitely NOT find it cool, that’s adding fuel to the fire Bow Wow.

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Mariah’s baby belly

Mariah Carey has decided to do a photo shoot of her pregnant tummy; skin and all with only weeks till she was expected to deliver the twins!

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Photo Album of Chris Brown at GMA

Now this is gonna make a lot of fans really think that Chris Brown has an Anger Management Issues as yesterday he totally lost his cool on the set of Good Morning America, Broke a Window and ripped his shirt off. He totally freaked out after an interview with GMA anchor, Robin Roberts. He stormed into his dressing room and screamed out loud, according to an TMZ report, it was also reported that he smashed a window in the dressing room which all ending in the singer ripping his shirt off.

The employees in hair and makeup reportedly called for security. He also skipped a performance that he was suppose to give for ABC’s website and it all happened because Robin asked him several questions that related to the infamous Rihanna incident. Before the show he tweeted “Everybody look at good morning America” and following the incident he tweeted and then deleted “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!!”

Photo Album of Chris Brown at GMA:

Photo: INFdaily

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Rihanna’s All Time Artist is Bob Marley

Rihanna 5 QuestionsI just found a video with Rihanna answering five (5) questions that was asked by her fans. In the five question she confirmed that her favorite recent song is SMN, the second question was “her favorite album” which is “Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill.

She also went on to say that her all time favorite artist is Bob Marley and she also listens to alot of Reggae Music. The video with 5 Questions to Rihanna is located below, just click below..

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