Lil Wayne Got a New Face Tattoo

Lil Wayne Baked Tattoo on ForeheadRapper-turned-Skateboarder, Lil Wayne rang it the new year with a brand new tattoo, this time he got the branding on his face, presumably because there’s not enough space lefted un-inked on his body.

The three tear drops on his cheek, the Fleur de Lis by his ear, the “I am music” over his eye, the “fear god” on his eyelids, the smiley face inside his lip, the “misunderstood” on his hairline and the glow in the dark stars are now joined by a new ink job which reads “BAKED” on the right side of his forehead.

The “BAKED” ink pays homage to Baker Skateboards and probably to one of the pre-probation Lil Wayne’s favorite past-times, too. We know that he owns a skate-wear company by the name of Trukfit, so we’re wonder why he didn’t go with the Trukfit logo.

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Liam Hemsworth TattooLiam Hemsworth has taken a page from the book of her fiancee Miley Cyrus, like her he went and got a new tattoo on his arm from a famous speech by former president Theodore Roosevelt. The 22-year-old actor showed off his new ink job by posting a picture of both his and Miley’s tattoo on Instagram.

In script that matches Cyrus’, [Hemsworth's] stamp says, “If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly” — the line immediately preceding the one Cyrus picked from that iconic oration, in which Roosevelt urged his listeners to live life to the fullest. Us Magazine wrote.

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Drake Gets A Second Aaliyah Tattoo [PHOTO]

Drake Gets Aaliyah TattooIn addition to the one of her face on his back, Drake recently got some ink that stands for both his hometown of Toronto and the late singer.

As you can see above, it reads as both “416″ (Toronto’s area code) and “116″ (Aaliyah’s birthday is Jan. 16).

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Chris Brown Unveils His Smiley Face Tattoo
Chris Brown got ink’d once again but apparently there are no more free spots left on his chest so he had to put it on the opposite side of his body. He got inked with smiley face that has an ear-to-ear grin on his upper back which his girlfriend decided to share with twitter. Check out the photo above and share your thoughts, also share the photo with your friends on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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Hilary Duff Had a Tattoo Removed (Photos)

Hilary Duff at Tattoo Removal Place
There are many who get inked and they regrets it, Hilary Duff seems to be one of the many as she was recently spotted leaving a tattoo removal place in Encino, Los Angeles. According to sources, the (Lizzy McGuire) star got at least one of her several tattoos removed, this is a process that happens to be more painful than when applying them plus its even more expensive. The whole procedure includes scrubbing the skin with salt and dermabrasion that involves the wearing away of the upper layers of the skin with sandpaper or other mechanical means. Just hearing the words alone feels painful to me so think twice before getting inked with stupid phrases and designs that you will regret in the long run. See Hilary Duff has learned her lesson and so should you, a wise person learns from other persons mistake.

Hilary Duff Tattoo Removal:

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Snoop Dogg Tattoo
Snoop Dogg has gotten a tattoo of the fallen rapper Nate Dogg on his arm as a means of immortalizing memories. The tat is a face of the deceased rapper located on his left forearm and the words “All Doggs go to Heaven” written below. The tribute tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.

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