Usher and Ex-Wife Tameka Raymond
Usher and his ex-Wife Tameka Raymond have been battling over a custody agreement for their kids for years, apparently everyone is now tired of it, even the judge which oversees the hearing. The judge has given Usher and his ex an ultimatum to work out an agreement.

Usher and Tameka attended a court hearing in Atlanta Tuesday (May 1), and the judge ordered both parent to sit down privately and work out a temporary custody agreement. If they fail to comes to a conclusion with each other, the Fulton County Court judge says he will be forced impose a temporary order.

Usher and Tameka were married for two years until Usher filed for divorce in June 2009. Since then the parents have been in a furious court battle over who gets to keep their two sons, 4-year-old Usher V (aka “Cinco”) and 3-year-old Naviyd.

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Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
After only get married to their family member for 72 days, Kris Humphries’s Family isn’t taking it laying down. Ten members of Kris’s family members are taking Kim Kardashian to court for $40,000. Apparently, Kris isn’t the only one angry over the sham of a marriage; his entire family is pissed.

“We’re suing Kim for reimbursement of our accommodations and gifts,” a close relative of Kris recently told In Touch Magazine. “It was clear Kim had an agenda from the beginning from the beginning”, the family member said. The family is now taking the reality star to court for $40,000.

Since the marriage came to an abruptly halt, Kim continues to change her story about her much money she actually made from the wedding, the family seems to believe the critic and they want their cut.

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Deion and Pilar Sanders
Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders was arrested on Monday for domestic violence after she allegedly attacked her estranged husband. TMZ reports that Pilar was booked for “assault family violence” at the Colin County Jail in Texas.

The former NFL corner-back claims that Pilar and her friend attacked him in front his two sons, he also took to matter to twitter to share with his followers. Deion Sanders tweeted:

Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!

I’m sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!

Filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth.

He also claims that he didn’t hurt Pilar and he only defended himself until he was able to call the police. Even though they are separated Deion and Pilar have been living together in their Dallas home up until the incident took place on Monday, April 23rd.

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran
There might be rumors circulating that Chris Brown and Rihanna is working on a private wedding but until that is confirmed, Karrueche Tran is still Chris Brown’s woman.

Apparently, there’s a beef between Karrueche and Rihanna and it is starting to get more serious than ever, it has gotten to the point where Karreuche is now afraid to leave her house without security because Rihanna’s Fans have threatened to kill her.

According to TMZ, Karrueche now refuses to leave her house without Chris Brown’s hired muscle by her side. Last Week RiRi allegedly poke fun at Karreuche when she tweeted a photo of a bag of rice cakes with sunglasses and earrings, along with the caption “Ima make u my bitch,” but the ‘Rihanna Navy’ took the joke even further and unleashed a number of violent threats against Karrueche, tweeting I hope Rihanna beat the dog sh*t outa yo a**!” … “Watch yo back” … and “I will kill you.”

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Jonathan Cheban Kim Kardashian at Lavo
Kim Kardashian recently showed her regrets of her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries by donating twice the value of her wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation, but Kris Humphries doesn’t feel the same way. According to Kim’s Best Bud, Jonathan Cheban who is also Kim’s publicist, Humphries never offered to return the $5,000 Yves Saint Laurent gift card he gave to him as a wedding present.

Cheban told TMZ, that he was fine with letting Kris keep the gift card, until he started criticizing Kardashian for how she’s handling the wedding gifts. He wasn’t ok with Kim’s decision to keep the gifts, even though she had donated twice the value to charity.

Basically Kris wanted Kim to return the gifts to the people that spent their money on it, but Kim thought it would be a disrespectful gesture to return a wedding gift. Jonathan Cheban is now saying that if Kris feels Kim should have returned the gifts, then he need to return the $5000 gift card given to him as well.

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Mike Epps: I Still Love My Daughter

mike epps and bria epps
After being recorded calling his daughter “the devil” and other names, Comedian Mike Epps cleared the air that despite the big argument with his daughter Bria, ” I still love her though.”

The whole thing started when Mike Epps decided that he wouldn’t be giving Bria her college tuition personally but instead he was going to pay the school directly. Apparently Bria must have said something really hurtful to have her dad all riled up, but she only recorded her dad’s rant and not her dis disrespectful tone to him.

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