Jennifer Lawrence in Bikini for GQ

Jennifer Lawrence in Bikini for GQ
Jennifer Lawrence is in the latest issue of GQ Magazine, she sin’t on the cover but she is on the inside posing in various Bikini. Hopefully she will be in the center spread because the photo above looks like it was done specially for the wall of my apartment. I wish I had her as my friend on Facebook or even Twitter for that matter. Hmmm

Jennifer Lawrence Poses for GQ Magazine May 2011:

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Kristen Cavallari in her Multi-Colored Bikini
Kristen Cavallari spotted on the Santa Monica beach wearing a multi-colored bikini and showing off her figure. While writing this post it was pointed out that her navel is all the way in the middle of her torso, could this be a photoshop job gone wrong or just the way she was born, nevertheless she still looks stunning in her Bikini.

Kristen Cavallari in her Multi-Colored Bikini:

Photos: Buzz Foto / Rex Features

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Amber Rose Bikini Body in Barbados

Yesterday I posted the topless photo of her in Barbados but it wasn’t the only photos that we found of her but when you get a chance to talk trash about someone, you gotta take it and thats what I did. Really I love looking at her, her body really because I am the type of guy who loves long hair but she has an ass to die for even though it isn’t as big as Kim Kardashian’s but “I like”, Why do you think Wiz Khalifa wanna marry her? and that’s why I am sharing these photos with you.

Amber Rose Bikini Body:

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Kate Bosworth Topless in Mexico

Kate Bosworth Topless in Mexico
Kate Bosworth was spotted by the paparazzi on a beach in Mexico Topless all the way, she went for a topless swim I guess because those because those breast needed a close up from the camera or they just wanted to be free and feel the breeze from the ocean.

Kate Bosworth Topless in Mexico:

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Kristen Bell Wears a Yellow Bikini in Miami
I am one of the most extreme fan of a good camel-toe (above is technically not a camel-toe) so when I came upon these photos of Kristen Bell sporting a phat one in a Yellow Bikini I was so tempted to share with other camel-toe lovers. The actress was spotted on the Miami beach over the weekend wearing a yellow bikini and she also sported a denim shorts just before she hit the water. Remember to share the camel-toe shot on Facebook because at the end of the day, thats all most readers wants to see.

Kristen Bell Wears a Yellow Bikini in Miami:

Photos: INFDaily

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LeAnn Rimes Tweeted Bikini Photo

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Photo
LeAnn Rimes tweeted a picture of herself wearing a bikini, the picture shows from navel downwards. She posted the photo in response to reports that she’s starving herself. She has been criticized that she’s not eating so to stop all the rumors she tweeted as most celebrities seems to be doing. Looking at the photo, to me it seems that she was trying to prove the point rather than to clear the rumors because her legs does look a bit anorexic.

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