Stacey Ann Ortiz Arrested for Attacking Boyfriend after he Refused to Have Sex

Stacey Ann Ortiz Arrested
Stacey Ann Ortiz, a 34-year-old woman from Port St. Lucie, Florida was arrested and charged with domestic battery after she allegedly attacked her boyfriend for not having sex with her. According to reports, Ortiz and her boyfriend were having a few beers at a friends house, the couple later decided to head home and on arrival at home Ortiz started to touch her boyfriend in the intention to initiate foreplay and have sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, he rejected the opportunity to score and opted for some relaxation and watch television. Ortiz flew into a rage and began to attack her boyfriend, he attempted to escape the attack by running down the street in his underpants and sock, but Ortiz was in hot pursuit.

The victim called 911 after he couldn’t get his girlfriend to stop attacking him, when Police officers arrived, the noted that the boyfriend had several minor bruises, a cut on his forehead and scratches on his chest. Ortiz reportedly told the police it was simple a verbal disagreement until her boyfriend head-butted her, which caused the fight to get physical.

Stacey Ann Ortiz later admitted to the police that she had use a metal mop handle to break the windshield of the victim’s truck and chasing him on the street. Ortiz was arrested and charged with domestic battery and is due in court on May 8th. The jist of this story is a man should never play with a woman in heat….

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