Soulja Boy Apologizes for showing his Penis on Tumblr

Soulja BoyRapper Soulja Boy is now facing some serious criticism after he showed off his Penis on Tumblr. Due to the criticism he was getting, he was forced to apologize to his fans for the indecent exposure. According to the reports, he accidentally posted the nude photo of himself while updating his Tumblr blog page.

Upon noticing that he posted the wrong photo, the 21-year-old rapper quickly deleted the picture and offered an apology to his fans saying: “I apologize to ever[yone who] seen that, [it was an] accident.

We would like to say that Soulja Boy isn’t social media savvy but after looking back, we realize that the internet was the main reason why he’s known by millions today, because the internet was the medium that he used to get noticed as a rapper in the first place a few year back.

Just so you know that the image doesn’t show off all of the rapper’s penis, it showcases his pubes and the lower part of his shaft. Unfortunately for you guys who needs to peep at the photo, we don’t see the need to post a picture of Soulja Boy’s Penis here so you can find it on Perez Hilton right here!

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