Rihanna was Paddle-boarding in Bikini in Hawaii Again

Rihanna Paddle-Boarding in Hawaii
Rihanna was once again back on the tropical island of Hawaii. The 23-year-old Grammy Winner was spotted showing off her amazing body in a black bikini on the beach in Hawaii on Friday.

The “We Found Love” singer wore a two piece black bikini which showed off her curves and a gray colored fedora to protect her weave from UV rays, i would presume, and a pair of silver hoops. Rihanna also went paddle-boarding, an excursion that the singer has taken a liking to.

Rihanna Paddle-Boarding in Hawaii
During her vacation of the island earlier this year, RihRih was also seen paddle-boarding but she was wearing a sexy two piece white bikini then. We had post the photos but Rihanna decided to share them with her fans on her official Facebook Fan Page only a week ago.

Before she went on her paddle-boarding excursion, Rihanna can be seen in the photos below using the paddle-board as a bar, so to speak. Rihanna used the board as a flotation device to keep her cocktail and alcohol with her in the water, she’s a freaking genius — I tell yah!!

Check out all six photos of Rihanna on the pacific island of Hawaii, paddle-boarding in a two piece black bikini on Friday April 27, 2012.

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