Photos of Kirstie Alley’s Thick Legs (Photos)

Photos of Kirstie Alley's Thick Legs
I am sure you read my last post on Kirstie Alley and how I affectionately became the official spokesman for her thick legs. Well sorry to say I am about to elaborate even more on how round they are and way I refer to them as Sugar Plums or should I just give it a rest because everyone across the United States that care about celebrity gossips already know that she has some monsterous legs that are heavy enough to rip off a guy’s face if he ever encounters Kirstie in a Missionary position. She told Extra that she hasn’t been eating that’s why she is down to a size 8,

Kirstie Alley dished about her “Dancing” diet secret and laughed, “I don’t eat!”
The actress pointed to a tattoo of a slim pin-up girl on Maks’ back and declared, “This is me in a month-and-a-half.” The actress also revealed, “I haven’t weighed myself in the last four weeks.” The slimmed-down actress may not know her weight, but she does have a goal in mind.

Kirstie Alley’s Thick Legs Getting out of a Car:

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