Patrick Schwarzenegger Kicked Out of Sayer Nightclub

Patrick SchwarzeneggerSaturday night, 19 year old, Patrick Schwarzenegger was kicked out of Sayer Nightclub. It is not clear as to why he was kicked out of the club or as to why he was even allowed in the club due to he is only 19. Supposedly Schwarzenegger was dissing the D.J. while he was on the outside of the club once he was kicked out.

It was said that the quote that came out of Patricks’ mouth was “I’m gonna go beat the f**k out of the DJ.” He also kept saying these words to a group of friends outside the venue.  Cameras were outside of the club rolling while he was ranting and raving about the D.J., sounding like many other words that he was saying that the D.J was a gay boy. Which should of been none of Patricks’ concern anyway.

He tried to flee the scene in an SUV by proceeding to condescendingly wave his hand in the driver’s face, but unfortunately the driver kept on going and denied him getting in the vehicle. Now I wish I would of been there to see the Kodak moment look on that kids face when he missed that ride. I guess Arnold’s  kid won’t be seen again at the Sayer Nightclub for a while until he is of legal age hopefully.

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