Hayden has decided that she is tired of the L.A. lifestyle and has chosen to move on to bigger and better venues such as Hollywood, Fl. Panettiere bought her L.A .home in 2008 for $2.365 million and recently sold the home for $3.075 million. She actually made quite a profit from what she originally bought the home for back in 08.

She recently got engaged to boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko who currently lives in a penthouse in Hollywood, Fl. Klitschko living in Florida definitely has made a huge impact on her decision to also move to Florida.

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jimmy carterJimmy Carter, 89 years old known as the former US President tells sources that he refuses to communicate or use any form of email at this point. He is literally convinced that the US is monitoring his every move. He advises that he will not use email as a form of communication when speaking with foreign leaders.

Jimmy stated on “Meet the Press” that him being watched isn’t theoretical and he is being forced to have to use snail mail for his privacy efforts.  He definitely thinks the NSA is spying on him and is not afraid to let anyone know this.

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bosh bday
Chris Bosh had a joyful birthday celebration yesterday for his 30th birthday. Bosh one of the stars of Miami Heat had one of the craziest birthday party carnivals ever held at Marlins Park in Florida. The party was wild and could fill a whole baseball stadium. The party was also filled with massive amounts of little people, Bone Thugs and dunk tanks.

Some of the guests that appeared were his teammates Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. To much surprise there was a live performance by Bone Thugs’ N Harmony and they sang “Crossroads” as a birthday gift to Chris. Seems as if his day was full of surprises and it looks like this was one of the biggest carnival parties yet. We are glad Bosh enjoyed himself and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Chris Brown and KarruecheRihanna walks amongst us in see-through skirts, Chris Brown is locked up for violating his probation. He might try to portray being a bad boy but he’s definitely not loving his time behind bars.

After spending over a week in jail, the singer is describing it to be like a “caged animal”. His bad boy persona won’t get him out of his current situation. Brown ordered to remain in custody by the residing judge, after he was booted from a rehabilitation facility for not talking the process of rehabilitation seriously.

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nash-gallery-launch-1200x630Talk about a way to spend your cash and on something you have dreamed of for the longest. Yes, Steve Nash just paid out $4.8 million dollars for his new beach pad in Manhattan. The home was originally selling for $5 million but Nash got them to lower the price just a little considering he had an all cash offer.

This is the perfect retirement home location where all his wishes have come true. Steve has been house hunting for quite some time now and he finally found what he was looking for and what he will be living in once he leaves the NBA.

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kendall jennerIt’s only spring, but you guys just overlook the fact that we are calling it summer. Kendall Jenner is sure enjoying it, the 18-year-old socialite was seen making the most of her father Bruce’s beach house with her 16-year-old sister Kylie and a select group of friends.

She was spotted enjoying the day with her little sister and friends on the beach, they were all enjoying a game of frisbee in the sand. Jenner donned her two-piece sport bikini while enjoying the day infront her father’s pad on Wednesday (19th).

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