Judge Joe Brown
The honorable former TV Judge Joe Brown has now been released from jail after being held in contempt of court on Monday. Joe had a courtroom fight on Monday and was sentenced to jail by a juvenile judge for 5 days for his actions. It seems as if Brown just went haywire in court and forgot that he would not have allowed any such actions had it been in his courtroom.

Joe Brown believes that by throwing him in jail, it was more so displaying the side of dirty politics, considering he is currently running for DA. After Joe’s attorney went to another court on Monday night, the judge in that room seemed to be a little more lenient on Brown and released him of his own recognizance.

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Taylor Swift recently filed a temporary restraining order in the earlier part of this month against Timothy Sweet who is undergoing reality issues incurred with stalking tendencies. Taylor is now out of harms way from the stalker who claims he is married to her and has vowed to murder any man who came between the two of them including the Secretary of State John Kerry.

The judge has officially ordered Sweet to stay 100 yards away from Taylor for the next 3 years. The restraining order was actually extended on Tuesday also declaring that Timothy stay away from Swift’s parents as well. Unfortunately, Swift told sources that this guy has been stalking her since 2011 overfilling her emails, sending her love letters and responding to her online social media.

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shaquille-onealShaquille O’Neal has recently been put under investigation for supposedly punching a man at Turner Studios last year in May 2013. Atlanta Police department has been assigned to the case after Robert Williams 44 years old claimed that he was working at the studio last year during the filming of “Inside The NBA” when he was allegedly attacked by a huge man by the name of Shaq after midnight around 12:30 a.m.

Williams told sources that “He was working and completing his daily duties as a camera operator when O’Neal ran out of a room and hit him with a tackle punch knocking him down and then falling on top him, which injured his neck and back”. Robert was in dismay when this happened and reported the incident immediately to security, who then placed him under medical care.

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usain bolt danceUsain Bolt recently attended a carnival in Trinidad & Tobogo and he showed off all his dirty dancing skills. Sources say, Usain was grinding and thrusting away at this all time out of this world carnival party. Olympic champion decided to let loose and dance the night away with many girls to choose from.

To much surprise, while showing off his dancing skills he didn’t mind get pics taken of him in the process. He was lifting girls up in the air and bending them over with no problem. It’s good to know that Bolt has a wild side to him and that he knows how and when to party like a rock star.

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Hayden has decided that she is tired of the L.A. lifestyle and has chosen to move on to bigger and better venues such as Hollywood, Fl. Panettiere bought her L.A .home in 2008 for $2.365 million and recently sold the home for $3.075 million. She actually made quite a profit from what she originally bought the home for back in 08.

She recently got engaged to boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko who currently lives in a penthouse in Hollywood, Fl. Klitschko living in Florida definitely has made a huge impact on her decision to also move to Florida.

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jimmy carterJimmy Carter, 89 years old known as the former US President tells sources that he refuses to communicate or use any form of email at this point. He is literally convinced that the US is monitoring his every move. He advises that he will not use email as a form of communication when speaking with foreign leaders.

Jimmy stated on “Meet the Press” that him being watched isn’t theoretical and he is being forced to have to use snail mail for his privacy efforts.  He definitely thinks the NSA is spying on him and is not afraid to let anyone know this.

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