tami romanTami Roman one of the stars from “Basketball Wives” is now safe at home recovering from a recent diabetes attack on Wednesday. The attack was so severe that Tami had to be hospitalized to have doctor’s monitor her health.

Sources say, the star was rushed to the emergency room after going into a diabetic shock followed by fainting in her home located in Houston.

Luckily, Roman’s daughter found her just in time to call 911 and get her help . After being admitted to the hospital, Tami also found out that she was suffering from dehydration.

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Chief KeefChief Keef just loves to stay in the eyes of the law. He has been in and out of trouble since last year. He allegedly has gotten himself in more trouble, this time involving a shooting that was reported on Wednesday morning. This shooting that recently happened unfortunately has someone hospitalized and in the medical care ICU unit right now.

Sources have reported, that Keef’s lawyer stated that he was not the person that did the shooting, but he was on the scene when the shots were fired at the victim. Could this be a case of wrong place at the wrong time ? After the shooting happened Keef posted pics of the guns and money on Instagram and quoted ” Another situation. Already“.

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mike-vickMike Vick has chosen to not to battle over wearing the #7 jersey for NY Jets football team. He has been wearing the #7 jersey from high school to Virginia Tech college to both NFL teams that he has played for. Wearing lucky #7 has played a vital role in his football career.

He has decided to not press the issue or fight over wearing the jersey number all out of respect for Geno Smith. Currently, Geno has the number seven and doesn’t look like he’s going to have flip a coin or fight over keeping it.

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Lil Za
Sources have reported that Lil Za had another court appearance today for his pending felony charges for drugs and vandalism. Lil Za was arrested at Justin Bieber’s house back in January. Lil Za actually got a break on his felony vandalism charge and it has been reduced to a misdemeanor considering the property he broke was less than $400.

The charge was due to him breaking a jail phone while in custody. Unfortunately, the drug charge will stay a felony for now. Lil Za will plead guilty after he completes a drug ed course and stays out of trouble for one year which will allow the charge to be erased from his record.

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Rick-RossRick Ross album just recently went #1 on the charts and because of this he is forever grateful. He made the true meaning of being a great boss become reality for his closest homeboys who played a major role in being featured artists on his album.

Due to his album “Mastermind” going #1 on the charts he bought each of his near and dear friends/artists an expensive off the map Audemars Piguet watch, courtesy of him and his celebration. Ross bought the watches at Rafaello & Co. in New York City last week. Sources say, Ross picked out the watches himself with no help and had the funds wired to the jewelery store. He walked out the store with six watches all paid for totaling $250K.

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Sources have recently reported, that Alicia Keys has been seen with her hubby Swizz Beatz and his ex-wife vacationing together. It must of took some real womanhood on both ladies part considering their circumstances and history together. Alicia actually swept Swizz away from his ex-wife assuming that they had no more sparks in their marriage.It didn’t seem as astonishing to the ex-wife though and she reportedly called Alicia a home wrecker.

Apparently she still had feelings for her husband but he no longer had marital feeling towards her. We all know this vacation was probably only done on behalf of the kids involved and for them to be able to still bond together no matter how the outcome of them being together foretells. It seems for the most part the vacation together is still in tact and no disagreements have ventured out between the two ladies allowing everything to be nice and peaceful.

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