Brooke Vurke crashes Maserati
Brooke Burke currently known as Brook Burke Charvet smashed her Maserati  in Calabasas this morning. Sources say, she is blaming her steering wheel for the recent crash. Officers reported that Brooke drove her car into a chain link fence only causing minor damage to Burke’s hot ride.

Of course, we know she was going to have to take an alcoholic blow test considering the circumstances. Reports stated that she was as sober as a newborn baby.  So I guess we can say we have to go off of Brooke’s word that her steering wheel had a malfunction and caused her not to be able to turn correctly without crashing into the fence. Thankfully she was not injured and maybe she will get that steering wheel fix or buy an American made car.

Josh Elliott
Looks like Josh Elliott decided he is fed up with ABC and decided to switch to NBC. The bad news is he took a million dollar pay cut switching to NBC. Sources say, Elliott was offered $4 and $5 million dollars to stay with ABC, but decided to go with ABC for a little over $3 million.

It seems as if Josh was disgusted with ABC due to Robin Roberts signing a $14 million a year contract to actually anchor “Good Morning America“. Sources say, he felt slighted when he found out about the offer to Robin and just wanted to get out of the whole deal. Well, it looks like Josh wasn’t the only one who wanted him off of “GMA“. Reports have shown that different sources have stated that “He’s definitely an abrasive guy” and “People hated him because he was always rude”.

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Cara Delvingne and Michelle Rodriguez
It’s true! After hearing all the rumors of the secret lesbian love affair with Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez, it has come to surface that they are dating. The two of them were caught on footage making out in the ocean in Cancun last week. Supermodel Cara was actually topless in the ocean while Michelle was all over her frantically in love.

Michelle is 35 years old and Cara is 21 years old. Looks like Michelle likes them young and flirtatious and Cara likes having a sugar momma. The two of them definitely did not hide any of their feelings for each other while vacationing together in Cancun. To much astonishment, if they didn’t want the world to know yet, well  it’s too late because  the photos reveal it all. They sure put some fire to the flame when they let this cat out of the bag.

Christina Millian

Christina Milian just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time on Sunday night. Apparently, the singer was at a nightclub in Hollywood called Hooray Henry’s when a strange woman darted towards her in violence. The woman appeared to be only wearing her bra and panties when she fled towards Christina last night.

To much surprise, the woman was not expecting to be swatted in the face by Milian’s bodyguard. Sources have reported, that the woman was angry but Christina was in a great mood. Unfortunately, for the crazed fan or whomever she was, the bodyguard led her out of the club quickly. Well we are glad Christina was not involved in any fighting and it was lucky her bodyguard was there ready to protect her with no boundaries.

Bill Murray
It’s true when Bill Murray is not acting doing comedy, he likes to let his voice be heard with fine tune singing.

The comedy actor was in St.Augustine, Florida Friday night at Murray Bros Caddyshack Restaurant and decided he wanted to take the stage. This time he took the stage it wasn’t to tell funny jokes, but to actually perform a set of songs he had in mind.

He usually loves taking the stage and singing cover songs. This time he performed a variety of songs such as “Gloria” by Van Morrison and “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

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Ray Rice and Janay Palmer
According to a report by sources, it has been stated that the day after Ray Rice got indicted for assaulting his fiancee, they went and had a rush wedding. 

Rice assaulted his fiancee Janay Palmer in the Atlantic City Casino on the elevator on February 15 and he was indicted by prosecutors on March 27. He was charged with one count of third degree aggravated assault.

ESPN dropped the news that Ray and Janay got married in a ceremony Friday, March 28 that actually was planned weeks before his indictment. Many people are probably thinking that they rushed the marriage so that Palmer could not testify against him in a law of court. Unfortunately, that will not work in these two case, because the incident happened in the state of New Jersey.

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