Richard Donner and Goonies Crew
Great News was just related to Corey Feldman that the director of  the “Goonies” movie Richard Donner plans on making a sequel to the movie. The best news of them all is that he actually plans and wants to bring back all the original casting actors back on the set for the sequel.

Sources say, that Donner was in Beverly Hills signing autographs when he dropped the exciting news about the movie sequel. The only thing that Richard did not mention is whether he is going to recast the main characters and bring in Corey, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin and Data for cameos, or if they will really play their same roles 28 years later.

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Mase-and-Twyla Getting Divorced
Mase and his wife Twyla have been separated for 2 years since May 2012 and married for 12 years. The two of them have still been sermonizing and selling books about marriage, even though they were not physically together as a couple. Rumors were spread that Rapper/Pastor Mase and his wife had called off the divorce, but those statements were not true at all.

The divorce was first filed by Mase back in January and he claims he also wants full custody of his two kids. It seems as if weeks later he dropped the filing for divorce, but now the divorce is back on. Mase discovered that the day after he filed for divorce in Atlanta, Twyla filed for legal separation in San Diego. So Mase then again turned around and tried to speed up the process by again filing for a full blown divorce.

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Beyonce is currently being sued by two of her admiring fans who got trampled at one of her concerts.  The two fans have flipped on Beyonce and decided that they wanted to sue her for being trampled by a stampede of other fans. Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson were at the United Center in Chicago last December extremely early with only general admission tickets, hoping they would be able to get close to the stage to see their favorite female singer.

They apparently were at the front of the line when the doors opened, then they were stomped on by a stampede of people trying to get in to see Beyonce. The lawsuit being filed states that they were trampled by a a rushing mob and immediately knocked to the ground. The two ladies were left unconscious with broken bones and other sever injuries.

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Rosey Grier
Rosey Grier has recently been accused of sexually assaulting his female neighbor. Grier is now 81 years old and he was said to have put his hands inside of his neighbors pants and grabbed on her genitals. The NFL legend is now in the process of being sued by  Jana Young, who was previously also known as Rosey’s manager. The lawsuit was filed in L.A County Superior Court.

Due to Jana and Rosey being so acquainted she actually let him move in with her and hubby while his house was going under construction. Sources say, once he moved in, things started to get a little weird. The lawsuit clearly states that after he moved in with the couple, he exposed himself nude to the misses of the house without her consent. Sources say, after he exposed himself , he asked Jana ” How do you like it?”.

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Brooke Vurke crashes Maserati
Brooke Burke currently known as Brook Burke Charvet smashed her Maserati in Calabasas this morning.

Sources say, she is blaming her steering wheel for the recent crash. Officers reported that Brooke drove her car into a chain link fence only causing minor damage to Burke’s hot ride.

Of course, we know she was going to have to take an alcoholic blow test considering the circumstances. Reports stated that she was as sober as a newborn baby. 

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Josh Elliott
Looks like Josh Elliott decided he is fed up with ABC and decided to switch to NBC. The bad news is he took a million dollar pay cut switching to NBC. Sources say, Elliott was offered $4 and $5 million dollars to stay with ABC, but decided to go with ABC for a little over $3 million.

It seems as if Josh was disgusted with ABC due to Robin Roberts signing a $14 million a year contract to actually anchor “Good Morning America“. Sources say, he felt slighted when he found out about the offer to Robin and just wanted to get out of the whole deal. Well, it looks like Josh wasn’t the only one who wanted him off of “GMA“. Reports have shown that different sources have stated that “He’s definitely an abrasive guy” and “People hated him because he was always rude”.

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