Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just can’t seem to get enough of each other. The two of them were together over the weekend at the Coachella event being cozy in the crowd. Gomez and Bieber were standing side by side as if they were a couple during the Jhene Aiko set on Sunday evening.

Sources say, they hung out all day having fun and Selena even sat on Justin’s lap. Even though Bieber had on a weird hat as if he was back in the 90′s he still received all of Gomez’s attention. Selena did spend some of her time with Kylie and Kendall Jenner but JB got most of her time. We don’t know yet if the two of them are trying to work things out and become a couple again. From the looks of their day together, it sure seems as if they were in their own little world smothering each other with attention and kisses all day.

Hillary Clinton
The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Vegas speaking at Mandalay Bay for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries  when she was attacked by a shoe. The shoe was thrown by an unknown woman while Hillary was giving her speech. Luckily, for Clinton she dodged the shoe just in time before the shoe would have hit her in the head.Clinton said aloud on the speaker ” Was that a Bat?”.

Hillary was actually unaware that is was actually a shoe thrown at her in demise, so she made side jokes to compensate for the incident. The alleged show thrower was escorted immediately out of the hotel event and  she is now in the custody of the Secret Service. Looks like Clinton received the George Bush treatment of getting shoes thrown at her as well and dodging them with much success. Well as for the unknown lady who threw the shoe, guess she will think twice before she throws another shoe at someone of authority.

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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber recently posted pics on Instagram of a Bugatti that he recently got from Birdman.  Bieber put a caption with the photo stating ” Uncle stunner luv. My first Bugatti. #generosity“. He made poses with the car as if it was his own. Unfortunately, the  almost 2 million dollar car was not given to him for keeps sake.

Birdman actually loaned Justin the car and stated that he could drive the Bugatti anytime that he came down to Miami. So I guess Bieber was just trying to be a #1 stunner like Birdman. Hopefully, while JB is driving the loaner car he doesn’t get into an accident. We all know every time he gets behind the driver seat of a car it’s never a pretty picture and the car ends up getting wrecked. Let’s just hope this is not the case, because “Uncle Stunna” as Justin says is going to be one mad Birdman.

Jennie Garth
Jennie Garth went  to a popular nightclub in Hollywood on Monday night, and ended up leaving with an attitude. She was highly upset because the bouncers did not let in her 3 black male friends after her. Unfortunately, Jennie and her two white female friends were let in with no problem and the three black males were denied entry.

The three guys did not even make it past the velvet ropes that were blocking the entrance into the club. Once Garth realized that they were not behind her, she immediately stormed out of the club in a rage, crying and sticking up her middle finger at the photographers on the scene.

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Selena Gomez
Once again Selena Gomez’s same repeated stalker has been charged with stalking her once again. He has already been charged for breaking into her home two times back to back previously. It doesn’t seem like the jail cells are holding him long enough for his crimes.

Her stalker’s name is Che Cruz and he is a black male, who was arrested again on Friday for jumping Gomez’s fence at her home in Calabasas. For the third time, he was arrested and taken to jail after only being released from jail just a few hours before he attempted the crime. The sad part is that he is being arrested for attempting the same crime over and over again. Will this guy ever learn?

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The Game and Tiffany Cambridge

The Game is now currently under investigation for domestic violence against his fiancee Tiffany Cambridge. Law Enforcement officials told sources, that he allegedly beat her up under unknown circumstances after an argument. Tiffany filed a police report against The Game last weekend following an incident that occurred on March 19th.

Cambridge is claiming that the two of them were having an argument and then he started to violently attack her. We are told that he hit her a numerous amount of times in the face, which injured her eye socket. He must of thought  that he was hitting his worst enemy or a man. He definitely didn’t treat her as if she was his fiancee when he allegedly hit on her.

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