Nicki Minaj might add flying Penises on Next Tour

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj always seems to come up with ideas to entertain her army of barbie dolls, getting them all fired up and in heat. The female rapper recently sat down for an interview with London DJ Tim Westwood and she has an idea for her next tour, she stated that her next tour could include some fun genital treats for all.

Her idea is to have flying penises on the stage, buzzing all over her head while she performs. Hmmm where does she get these ideas? “Maybe we’ll have some flying penises. Imagine we just have little penises flying through the air,” she said. “I don’t know you guys. It’s funny because I was actually thinking about that today, thinking about how we can build the third tour and make it even more amazing but we don’t know yet.”

She was probably kidding, Nicki is presently in the first stages of her Reloaded Tour so she’s probably not too clear on what she wants for the next one. She also revealed that she’s working on a clothing line she swears everyone is going to love.

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