NFL Star Ladainian Tomlinson Says He Would Not UnRetire

Ladainian TomlinsonSan Diego Chargers NFL Star Ladainian Tomlinson advises that no amount of money being offered to him will make him return to NFL. It seems as if the retired young player is really enjoying the retired life of the rich and famous. There are currently reports saying that his old team offered him a lucrative amount to come back. The stars words to that matter were ” Retired Life is just to good to give up right now.”

LT was out in Los Angeles on Monday and was questioned about the Chargers offering him a new contract for this Spring .Of course to add to that fact that the Star already retired from the game last year. Ladainian stated that “Right now his life is so amazing, that he would not accept another contract at this moment and he is enjoying his life.”

Well we must say that young man was a great all out NFL Star while he played in the game. Unfortunately, he has no intentions of returning and he is now kicking back, cruising around, spending cash and not thinking about the football field or playing on it any time soon.Can you blame him ?

If life is good then life is grand and he has no intentions of messing up his plans of the rich retired life that he is living. Well all we can say is enjoy the retired life LT and if need be in the future we may get to see you out on the field again one day ….

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