NBA Star Andrew Bynum Sues Neighbors

Ex LA Lakers player, Andrew Bynum has gotten himself into some problems with his neighbors in Los Angeles. The former Lakers player sued his neighbors this summer on the basis of gender and profession discrimination and the neighbors have retaliated and counter sued to prove he’s a rockstar neighbor with little to no respect for the community.

NBA Star Andrew BynumIt all started this summer when, in July this year, Bynum took his neighbors, the Becketts, to court, saying they were discriminating against him on his “profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music.” In response, the Becketts too have filed a lawsuit even though they have moved out of the neighborhood in the meantime, presumably because they could no longer stand the things they informed the court about.

In short, they claimed that Bynum was acting too much like a rockstar and very little, if at all, like a good neighbor, so the only reason he came to file a lawsuit against them was because they felt compelled to draw his attention on his irresponsible actions.

This included brandishing a gun on the lawn of his property, letting his dogs loose in the neighborhood, speeding and street racing, doing drugs and partying like there’s no tomorrow, with the music blasting to almost dangerous levels.

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