Mysterious Oarfish Washed Ashore on Cabo San Lucas Beach

The residents and law enforcement of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is now puzzled as they made a bizarre discovery on Friday (Oct 12). According to reports, an oarfish was washed ashore on bustling Medano Beach, a beach popularly known for its view of the end of the Baja California peninsula.

Oarfish Washed AshoreThis is a strange case as an oarfish resides in depths of the ocean rarely visited by humans, in ancient times they were considered to be sea serpents because of their long, slender appearance, and their bright-orange dorsal fins and manes. They’ve been known to grow up to 30 plus feet long but the one that washed ashore had an estimated measurement of 15 feet.

Pisces Sportfishing reports that an employee from Pisces Real Estate, Gonzalez “was working very hard, sitting under an umbrella on the main beach of Cabo-El Medano at an open house we are hosting today at Hacienda,” states the Pisces blog. “He was right in front of Villa 2 when he saw a commotion on the beach and a small crowd gathered at the water’s edge. His first thought was, ‘There’s been an accident.’

“Then he saw three locals supporting what appeared to him as a monster from the deep. He ran down to get a closer look and saw three locals assisting the strange creature, which appeared to be in distress as it struggled for air.”

Attempts revive the oarfish and return it to the Sea of Cortez, proved futile so it was collected for scientific study.

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