Miley Cyrus Nipslip while out with her adopted Puppy in Miami

Miley Cyrus Nipslip
Miley Cyrus was recently spotted in Miami with her little puppy that she found abandoned in a cardboard box just a few weeks ago. During the process, she was being followed by the paparazzi because we’all know that this is what they do. The 19-year-old actress bend over for a second to pick up her pup and walla!, a nipslip caught on camera.

The Miley Cyrus accidental nipslip wasn’t as vague as nipslip standards go, but atleast they got a really good shot at her sideboobs. According to reports, the teen was in Miami for a meeting and she took her adorable puppy with her. She also took the time out to pose with a few fans, she had one of the biggest smiles yet, i’m guessing she was just enjoying the awesome tropical-like weather in Miami.

She’s enjoying her time down south so much, she just had to tweet about it. “It’s 2:30am here in Miami. Can’t sleeeeep! Jet laaaaags a biiiiiiiaaaatchhh!!!!!!!,” she wrote to her thousands of minions. It’s unclear why she was in Miami but it could be that she’s working on a new film or something musical, we just have to wait and see. Enjoy the photos of Miley Cyrus in Miami with her adorable puppy.

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