Mariah Yeater: “I have evidence to prove Justin Bieber is the Father”

Mariah Yeater and son Tristyn
Many Belieber are still trying to recover from the shocking news that Justin Bieber is alleged father of a four-month-old son Tristyn. She recently gave her first television interview, the 20-year-old mother was close to tears as she explained how Justin Bieber got her pregnant in a backstage toilet last year. She gave the exclusive interview to The Insider in which she stated that she got pregnant after only 30 seconds of unprotected sex in a VIP bathroom at the Staples Center in LA after a concert in October 2010.

“He (Bieber) immediately took a liking to me and we just got to talking and then he eventually asked me, “Do you mind if we can go somewhere and be alone?’”
Yeater then said Bieber, then 16-year-old, took her to a bathroom.

During the interview, she was also quizzed on what evidence she has to support her claims, and according to Yeater, she has provided the relevant to her attorney but could not discuss it on camera. The court date is scheduled for December 15 and by the way, Justin has agreed to take a paternity test.

Mariah Yeater Inteview
Mariah Yeater on her very first Interview regarding Justin Bieber being the father of her 4-month-old son, Tristyn.

Source: DailyMail UK

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