Lauryn Hill Paid Off Her Tax Debt

Lauryn HillLuckily Lauren Hill won’t be spending anytime behind the slammer as she was able to pay off her tax debt of $900,000 which was ordered by the judge recently, but how did she do it? It has been 15 years since Hill released her debut masterpiece The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which means it’s been just about that long since she’s released good music.

It was widely reported that she had signed a record deal and was required to make music by a judge to pay off the debt. She recently released a new track titled “Neurotic Society”, but according to Rueters, that’s not what paid the tax debt.

Her attorney said last month that Hill lined up a loan secured by two pieces of real estate. He said on Sunday that the tax repayment came from a combination of sources but did not include funds from any new record sales.

The question remains though: how did Lauryn Hill come up with $900,000 in such short notice if it wasn’t tied to the record deal. Well it is being said that she scrounged up some real estate earnings, secret money and borrowed to pay off a near-million dollar debt the day before it was due so she could avoid time behind the slammer, well good for you Lauryn.

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