Kim Kardashian having trouble Breastfeeding her Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian PregnantKim Kardashian went through a really rough pregnancy, and according to reports the reality star has also been having it rough during her first few days of motherhood as well. While she and her baby daughter are doing well, Kim is reportedly having a tough time feeding her little princess.

“Kim is breastfeeding now but it seems like she’s having trouble,” a family source told “She is planning to keep trying do it for a little while longer but she may end up switching to a bottle.”

“She has been telling friends that it is really hard, so we don’t know how much longer she’s really going to do it,” the source went on. “Kim is probably already plotting what she’s going to say when she stops. She’ll come up with a really good excuse I’m sure.”

You can definitely do it Kim, if you should ask many mothers they will tell you that they had the very same problem with their first child, but its just like riding a bike, its hard at first but after a while of trying and trying, you will get it just right..

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