KFC Fined $8.3M for Poisoning of 7-year-old girl that lefted her brain dead

KFC Restaurant in Sydney
An Australian judge has ordered KFC to pay out a whopping sum of $8.3 million Australian dollars to the family of a Sydney girl that was left severely brain damaged and wheelchair bound after eating a chicken wrap from one of the fast food chain’s location near Sydney.

The family of the child sued KFC, claiming that the then-7-year-old girl contracted salmonella poisoning from a KFC chicken wrap in 2005. Monika Samaan was in a coma for months and left with brain damage. Stephen Rothman, a New South Wales Supreme Court Justice judge ruled last week that the fast food giant was responsible for the food poisoning and was ordered to cough up the hefty fine.

KFC was ordered no only to pay $8.3 million in damages but the family’s legal costs as well. KFC has denied responsibility and said it would appeal the judge’s decision. “The family was relieved that the court battle was over, but are upset about KFC’s plans to appeal”, Samaan’s lawyer, George Vlahakis said in a statement.

[Via: AP]

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