Katt Williams Arrested on Child Endangerment Charges

Katt WilliamsThis is going to be the um-teen times posting this title but Katt Williams has been arrested, again! This time its not because he slapped another target employee, not pulling a gun on someone but it has to do with child endangerment.

The comedian was booked on Friday night on charges of child endangerment, and remains in custody on a $100,000 bail while his four children were placed in protective custody.

An investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services determined there were multiple guns and illegal drugs in Katt’s home, which led to the comedian being arrested. The arrest may lead to felony charges for Williams that will just add another charge to the actor/comedian’s long rap sheet.

Katt is known for not putting up with certain BS, but in my opinion sometimes he takes things a bit too far. I respect someone for standing up for what they think is right, but slapping a member of your audience upside the head is taking it a tad too far Katt!

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