Kanye West Is Back At the Lax Airport

Kayne West at LAXIt looks like Kanye was taking another flight out yesterday from Milan landing in Newark.  This same airport that West went to yesterday was actually the same location(airport) where he had a few one-on-one incidents with not one but two paparazzi’s. He is now facing 2 pending criminal charges due to his violence towards them.

His rep actually did not encourage him to take this route to the Lax. Instead he suggested an alternate route to prevent any run-ins with the paparazzi’s taking photos of West. West decided that he did not want travel long  in route just to catch a flight out to his destination. Instead, he stated that “he would remain cool no matter how the paps acted”.

To add to his sincereness, he hired 3 security guards to go with him for extra containment and security. It seems as if West used a little of his common sense in terms of how he would arrive and depart once he was at the airport. I guess he realizes that he already has two charges pending now and does not want anything else to  hurt his case at this time that could make any it more severe.

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