Jay-Z and Beyonce Celebrating their Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Beyonce in Wedding Dress
The 4th of April is a very special date for both Beyonce and Jay-Z, this is the day when the Hip-Hop couple celebrate their Wedding Anniversary and this year they will be celebrating their fourth. To many of you guys four years of marriage isn’t a milestone for celebration but the number four (4) means alot to the couple.

The couple got married on April 4th, 2008, Beyonce celebrates her birthday on the September 4th, Jay-Z celebrates on December 4th and Beyonce’s latest studio album was also titled “Four” another reason to say that number 4 has a significant meaning to the couple is that, they both have matching Roman numeral tattoos of the number four on their wedding fingers.

Beyonce and Jay-z

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles performing "Crazy in Love" during her 'I Am..' tour 2009..

The couple who also just welcomed their first child (Blue Ivy Carter) into the world has even more accomplishments to celebrate on their fourth anniversary. Presently her new track “Love On Top” is #1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart, which makes the 18th time Beyonce has topped this chart and there’re only two other artists that have more number ones (#1′s) on the dance charts than her, they are Madonna and Janet Jackson.

Apart from being married for four years, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been dating since 2002 when rumor broke that they were seeing each other after Knowles was featured on “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”. Even though the rumors kept on circulating, they kept their relationship a secret until they finally revealed. They got married on April 4, 2008 but Beyonce didn’t publicly debut her wedding ring until September at one of her concert performances.

Blue Ivy Carter Photo

One of the first official photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy Carter to be released....

Four years later the Hip-Hip welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy Carter on January 7 at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. The birth of their daughter was kept confidential as no phones or camera were allowed on the ward on which Beyonce gave birth. Two days after the welcomed Blue Ivy, Jay-Z released a song dedicated to his daughter titled “Glory“, which song detailed the couple’s pregnancy struggles, including a miscarriage Knowles suffered before becoming pregnant with their daughter.

Beyonce has come along way as a couple and we are hoping they continue to set trends, make great music and live a happy life. Happy Fourth Anniversary, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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