Guys who robbed 2 Chainz posted Bank Card on Instagram

2 Chainz calls police2 Chainz better call the cops, because we all know who robbed him a couple of weeks ago…. It’s either this guy is the world’s dumbest criminal or he’s looking for his 15 minutes of fame before he gets charged for robbery and send off to the state’s penitentiary.. The guys who robbed 2 Chainz recently decided to hit up Instagram to let everyone know they were the once that jacked the rapper.

A couple of weeks back TMZ posted a video of the rapper getting robbed in broad daylight, and ran for his life. Well the crooks behind the robbery decided their wanted to be Instagram stars by posting the rapper’s driver’s license and bank card for all their followers to see.

2 Chainz obtained an Instagram photo from user “Lilg04″ where he showcases 2 Chainz’s (born Tauheed Epps) stolen driver’s license and bank card. This is funny because they basically just gave themselves into the police and the officers probably knocked on their doors 30 minutes after the images were posted..

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