Flavor Flav Opens Fried Chicken Restaurant

Flavor Flava House of Flavors
Washed up rapper and wanna-be viking, Flavor Flav decided he wanted to be a Restaurateur and opened his own ‘little’ chicken spot in Las Vegas called Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor – Take Out Restaurant. Probably in Flava’s head he’s going to give some serious competition to the colonel but according to Miss Kissy, Flava’s Fried Chicken Restaurant has no class at all.

Flavor Flav opened up a no expense spared (insert sarcasm here) chicken spot in Vegas. I heard they served Red Velvet Waffles. Flav’s place is located in the back of the 3333 S. Maryland Parkway shopping center, across the street about 2 blocks down from the popular Boulevard Mall.

There’s a big yellow & red sign that brings a smile to your face when you pull up.. As the bold colors fit perfectly with Flav’s personality.

I am no where near Las Vegas but Miss Kissy is definitely from that location, so we will just have to go by her words because I am sure not going to drive all the way to Las Vegas just to spend money buying Flava’s “Greasy” Chicken.

My friend couldn’t wait to get home to eat so she immediately grabbed a piece in the car.. She said the chicken tasted like Churches chicken at best. I got home and opened the other box.. Neither box had any bread in it.. No big deal although I did pay for it. I tasted the chicken and it tasted like nothing. My friend said it’s obvious that Flav’s special seasonings was nothing more then salt & pepper. I found the chicken pretty tasteless and greasy.. I grabbed some Louisiana hot sauce to throw on the chicken and it didn’t make it any better so I just tossed it.

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