Family Locked in Seafood Restaurant After Refusing to Pay Tip

Jasmine Marks
Jasmine Marks and her family got locked in at the La Fisherman seafood restaurant but only because they refused to pay the required gratuity even though the service was less than stellar. The family actually offered to pay the tip but the problem is that it wasn’t want to restaurant wanted them to pay.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, Jasmine Marks and four other family members decided to enjoy a meal together at a local seafood restaurant in Houston, Texas, named La Fisherman and according to the family the service was unsatisfactory.

Marks complained to management that some of their meals was never served and to add insult to injury, the waiter was also rude. Because of the poor service, Marks asked if they could pay a gratuity less than the restaurant’s posted policy of 17%, but management declined the request and demanded that the family pay the 17% that was included to their bill.

The family refused and was locked in the restaurant until they came up with the dough. The police was involved in the incident but the family still remains unhappy about the service. Share your thoughts on this story after you watch the report.

[Via: Yahoo Odd News]

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