Extreme Skin Disorder lets Woman’s Hair Follicles grow Nails

Extreme Skin DisorderA 28-year-old woman is reportedly suffering from an extremely rare skin condition, it’s an extreme skin disorder that causes her hair follicles to grow fingernails all over her body… including her face.. instead of hair. Shanyna A. Isom, is a criminal justice student from Memphis, Tennesse, says she first saw signs of the condition back in 2009, after she was treated with steroids by doctor after she suffered from an asthma attack.

It so happened that she had an allergic reaction to the steroids, which initially caused her to develop bumps on her legs, and her skin tine began to darken. She was admitted to Johns Hopkins in August 2011, doctors determined that she produces 12 times the number of skin cells per hair follicle, which is suffocating her skin.

Shanyna A. IsomInstead of growing hair, her skin follicles were producing human nails. “Where hair grows, nails are growing,” she said. “Over time it started to turn my legs black with bumps,” Isom told WMC-TV. She said that doctors in Memphis have treated her for everything, from eczema to a staph infection.

“And we know it couldn’t be that after all the medication she had been on,” Shanyna’s Aunt, Jataun Isom said.

“They’ve tested me from A to Z and everything was coming back negative,” Shanyna said. Shanyna’s mysterious condition has opened up a whole new door of problems. He state-issued insurance doesn’t cover her specialist care, and covers only five of the 17 medications she needs to treat her symptoms.

“So we had to depend on the family and friends and different fundraisers and things like that to help me get back and forth,” she said, adding that her family has already burned through their savings, and her outstanding medical bills are currently up to $250,000.

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