Chris Brown Test Positive for Marijuana

Chris Brown Test Positive for MarijuanaIt was just revealed that R&B singer Chris Brown has tested positive for marijuana, which is a violation of his probation stemming from the abuse case with Rihanna. Chris Brown showed up in court with attorney, Mark Geragos for his probation hearing which questioned and monitors his progress.

He though he was tested positive for the use of the illegal drug, the Virginia judge said she would not revoke his probation, according to reports from TMZ. Brown remains on probation after his charge of felony battery with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The court documents which was releases states that Brown failed his drug test on June 18th in Virginia. The probation report states that Chris had told his probation officer he had smoked weed in the state of California. In Cali, Brown has a medical marijuana prescription. He failed the drug test in Virginia where marijuana is illegal, prescription or not.

Chris Brown in CourtJudge Patricia Schnegg must really like Brown, as he was only given a stern reminder to obey the law because she never ordered him mandatory drug testing for his probation. Judge Schnegg also ordered that his entire case be moved to California where Brown presently resides.

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