Rosey Grier
Rosey Grier has recently been accused of sexually assaulting his female neighbor. Grier is now 81 years old and he was said to have put his hands inside of his neighbors pants and grabbed on her genitals. The NFL legend is now in the process of being sued by  Jana Young, who was previously also known as Rosey’s manager. The lawsuit was filed in L.A County Superior Court.

Due to Jana and Rosey being so acquainted she actually let him move in with her and hubby while his house was going under construction. Sources say, once he moved in, things started to get a little weird. The lawsuit clearly states that after he moved in with the couple, he exposed himself nude to the misses of the house without her consent. Sources say, after he exposed himself , he asked Jana ” How do you like it?”.

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Cara Delvingne and Michelle Rodriguez
It’s true! After hearing all the rumors of the secret lesbian love affair with Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez, it has come to surface that they are dating. The two of them were caught on footage making out in the ocean in Cancun last week. Supermodel Cara was actually topless in the ocean while Michelle was all over her frantically in love.

Michelle is 35 years old and Cara is 21 years old. Looks like Michelle likes them young and flirtatious and Cara likes having a sugar momma. The two of them definitely did not hide any of their feelings for each other while vacationing together in Cancun. To much astonishment, if they didn’t want the world to know yet, well  it’s too late because  the photos reveal it all. They sure put some fire to the flame when they let this cat out of the bag.

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Cop pulling over womanFriday afternoon an L.A cop stops an apparently attractive woman for running a stop sign but let’s her off the hook without a ticket.

Currently, the officer is under investigation by the LAPD for pulling this woman over in the mid-Wilshire area of L.A and then taking pictures of her on his cop bike.  Sources, have reported that this will be done as a formal Internal Affairs case.

A witness told sources(TMZ), that the officer pulled the woman over, went to her car  with his pad ready to write her a ticket but she somehow sweet talked him, and he offered her to get on his bike. As she sat on his chopper, he grabbed the young woman’s phone and then started taking pictures of her on the bike.

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Judge Joe Brown
The honorable former TV Judge Joe Brown has now been released from jail after being held in contempt of court on Monday. Joe had a courtroom fight on Monday and was sentenced to jail by a juvenile judge for 5 days for his actions. It seems as if Brown just went haywire in court and forgot that he would not have allowed any such actions had it been in his courtroom.

Joe Brown believes that by throwing him in jail, it was more so displaying the side of dirty politics, considering he is currently running for DA. After Joe’s attorney went to another court on Monday night, the judge in that room seemed to be a little more lenient on Brown and released him of his own recognizance.

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DMXWhat is the world coming too when it comes to our Ruff Ryder Mr. DMX. Looks like he is an all star naked champ running around these days. It seems as if he is trying to show the world his goodies(like a male stripper), because if he wasn’t he would of made sure that his little episode of running naked laps in the hotel would not have been caught on tape. Sources say, that TMZ got all of this footage available and ready to show for laughs.

Just last weekend rapper DMX was at the Detroit hotel running around in the hallways naked. Boy Oh Boy, does he have some more growing up to do ,might we add he should already be grown considering he is over 40 years in age. The rappers comments were that ” he just felt like doing it and that he is not ashamed of anything that he’s got”. He actually could of ran laps inside his hotel room where this scenario would be for his eyes only to see, and not for the world to see what he got (so he says).

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Rick RossA young pastor from North Carolina was just joined the unemployment line because he was voted out of his job as leader of his congregation by church deacons in a 11-3 vote after he attended a Rick Ross concert on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Rodney Wills, 26, was fired from Mt. Salem Baptist Church after he was allegedly spotted at Rick Ross’ Concert on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.

He has been the pastor at the Mt. Salem Baptist Church in North Carolina for three years and entering his fourth. He returned to the church to find out that he had his parking space removed as well as his name from its usual placement.

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