Brooke Vurke crashes Maserati
Brooke Burke currently known as Brook Burke Charvet smashed her Maserati  in Calabasas this morning. Sources say, she is blaming her steering wheel for the recent crash. Officers reported that Brooke drove her car into a chain link fence only causing minor damage to Burke’s hot ride.

Of course, we know she was going to have to take an alcoholic blow test considering the circumstances. Reports stated that she was as sober as a newborn baby.  So I guess we can say we have to go off of Brooke’s word that her steering wheel had a malfunction and caused her not to be able to turn correctly without crashing into the fence. Thankfully she was not injured and maybe she will get that steering wheel fix or buy an American made car.

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Chief KeefChief Keef just loves to stay in the eyes of the law. He has been in and out of trouble since last year. He allegedly has gotten himself in more trouble, this time involving a shooting that was reported on Wednesday morning. This shooting that recently happened unfortunately has someone hospitalized and in the medical care ICU unit right now.

Sources have reported, that Keef’s lawyer stated that he was not the person that did the shooting, but he was on the scene when the shots were fired at the victim. Could this be a case of wrong place at the wrong time ? After the shooting happened Keef posted pics of the guns and money on Instagram and quoted ” Another situation. Already“.

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mike-vickMike Vick has chosen to not to battle over wearing the #7 jersey for NY Jets football team. He has been wearing the #7 jersey from high school to Virginia Tech college to both NFL teams that he has played for. Wearing lucky #7 has played a vital role in his football career.

He has decided to not press the issue or fight over wearing the jersey number all out of respect for Geno Smith. Currently, Geno has the number seven and doesn’t look like he’s going to have flip a coin or fight over keeping it.

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shaquille-onealShaquille O’Neal has recently been put under investigation for supposedly punching a man at Turner Studios last year in May 2013. Atlanta Police department has been assigned to the case after Robert Williams 44 years old claimed that he was working at the studio last year during the filming of “Inside The NBA” when he was allegedly attacked by a huge man by the name of Shaq after midnight around 12:30 a.m.

Williams told sources that “He was working and completing his daily duties as a camera operator when O’Neal ran out of a room and hit him with a tackle punch knocking him down and then falling on top him, which injured his neck and back”. Robert was in dismay when this happened and reported the incident immediately to security, who then placed him under medical care.

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kanye westToday rapper Kanye West is in a similar situation to Chris Brown, after pleading no contest to the charge that he assaulted a paparazzo back in July, Kanye West was sentenced to informal probation for two years, which means the charges will be stricken from his criminal record but only if he can manage to stay out of trouble for the next 24 months.

In addition to being on a two-year probation, he also agreed to 24 private anger management therapy sessions which should help him think twice before reacting to situations with anger and violence.

Along with the 2-years probation he will also be doing 250 hours of community service, to pay for the damages to equipment belonging to the photographer in question and the medical bills incurred.

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Chief KeefRapper Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, has been arrested and charged with DUI in Highland Park, California. The rapper was pulled over by the police at approximately olice around 12:35 p.m. on March 5 for an expired tag, the Highland Park Deputy Police Chief George Pfutzenreuter said.

It was reported that during the stop, he showed signs of impairment from drugs. A field sobriety test was performed and the rapper was later charged with Driving Under the Influence, as well as driving with a suspended license, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and expired registration, the deputy chief said.

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