Sources have recently reported, that Alicia Keys has been seen with her hubby Swizz Beatz and his ex-wife vacationing together. It must of took some real womanhood on both ladies part considering their circumstances and history together. Alicia actually swept Swizz away from his ex-wife assuming that they had no more sparks in their marriage.It didn’t seem as astonishing to the ex-wife though and she reportedly called Alicia a home wrecker.

Apparently she still had feelings for her husband but he no longer had marital feeling towards her. We all know this vacation was probably only done on behalf of the kids involved and for them to be able to still bond together no matter how the outcome of them being together foretells. It seems for the most part the vacation together is still in tact and no disagreements have ventured out between the two ladies allowing everything to be nice and peaceful.

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber is once again in trouble with authorities, the celebrity home was recently raided after the egging incident that took place last week. Beibs home was raided on Tuesday morning (Jan 14) after his neighbors home was egged and Justin is the number one suspect.

The egging caused somewhere close to $20,000 in damages and the LA County Sheriff’s department isn’t taking the prank lightly. The Sheriff’s Department sent eleven patrol cars to Beiber’s home on Thursday in search of surveillance video from his security system that might show what happened during the incident.

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Lebron James ShootingSources recently reported that Lebron James is not only good at shooting a ball on the court, but he is also good at shooting machine guns as well.

Lebron and his wife Savannah were recently at the Lock and Load shooting range in Miami for New Year’s Eve getting a little target practice under their belts. Many people are stating that James could be the next Rambo the way he was handling that machine gun in the range.

It seems as if the two of them had their fare share of shooting several locked and loaded guns including an MP5. The couple were seen shooting at the range and they both actually were very good at aiming and shooting the guns. To much excitement, Lebron was just a little bit better at target practice than wifey was, but Savannah still showed off her stuff.

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Kerry Washington has a “Growin Belly Bump”

Kerry WashingtonIt has been officially announced that Kerry Washington has a growing belly bump miracle on  the way. Sources have stated, that she is about four months along. Kerry recently married Football star Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, 2103. The couple met back in the summer of 2012.

Looks like he swept her off of her feet because they got married within a year of them meeting one another. Kerry was once engaged to star David Moscow who played in “Just Married, BIG, and David & Layla“, which are just a few of his movie accomplishments . But to much dismay the two of them never made it to the altar.

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Stacy KeiblerRecent reports revolving around Kiebler’s recent split with George Clooney, have stated that the WWE star has advised she will not be returning for wrestling. Sources had recently reported that she would return to WWE  because her split with Clooney has caused her bank flow to slowly dwindle away without having his support.

It seems as if this was not a true fact because Stacy has decided not to return back to the ring. She is stating that the wrestling image part of her life is now over, but she is forever grateful for them helping her to launch her career.

At this present time, Kiebler is now going to try to focus on other important aspects of her life and she is saying ” NO” to the panties and bra image of her and “Yes” to other adventurous endeavors deemed for her future. Good Luck Kiebler, can’t wait to see what’s next on your agenda and we will miss you in the WWE world of wrestling.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and his present wife Yvette Prieto…

Could this be yet another woman claiming all over again to be another secret baby momma on the side who is demanding child support from our infamous basketball star Michael Jordan. Reports are stating that Micheal says that this woman is a lie and he is not the father of her baby.

He is stating “All she wants is cash and she is a fame whore“. Looks like Laquetta Theus is the mysterious woman who filed a paternity suit in Georgia claiming Jordan fathered her baby girl. The secret child supposedly was born in August 2010 by the name of Juyana Rachelle Henderson. To much dismay Ms. Laquetta wants her share of the child support and she wants it now. She is at the point now where she is letting the world know that the 2 year precious little girl is Jordan’s.

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