Bill Murray
It’s true when Bill Murray is not acting doing comedy, he likes to let his voice be heard with fine tune singing.

The comedy actor was in St.Augustine, Florida Friday night at Murray Bros Caddyshack Restaurant and decided he wanted to take the stage. This time he took the stage it wasn’t to tell funny jokes, but to actually perform a set of songs he had in mind.

He usually loves taking the stage and singing cover songs. This time he performed a variety of songs such as “Gloria” by Van Morrison and “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.

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Cop pulling over womanFriday afternoon an L.A cop stops an apparently attractive woman for running a stop sign but let’s her off the hook without a ticket.

Currently, the officer is under investigation by the LAPD for pulling this woman over in the mid-Wilshire area of L.A and then taking pictures of her on his cop bike.  Sources, have reported that this will be done as a formal Internal Affairs case.

A witness told sources(TMZ), that the officer pulled the woman over, went to her car  with his pad ready to write her a ticket but she somehow sweet talked him, and he offered her to get on his bike. As she sat on his chopper, he grabbed the young woman’s phone and then started taking pictures of her on the bike.

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Duct Tape HeelsFrom day to day we all visit Facebook to see what our friends are doing or to share something with them that is presently going on with you. While there you end up seeing photos like the one above, someone either trying to be inventive, trying to be silly or just plain ole stupid.

Look at those calves, you know that has to be a male because we definitely wouldn’t like to see the lady who have those men calves, looking like she plays football or some other sports. Duct Tape heels, after seeing this on Facebook we shouldn’t be surprised if any of us went to a party and saw one of these…. Crazy people are out for the summer….

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cutest puppy ever
Surfing the internet carelessly led me to this picture and I thought it would be totally awesome to share it with you guys so you can also share it with your friends. I guarantee that they will agree with me that it is the most cutest, most adorable and smallest puppy that they have ever seen.

Look to the left you will see a hand which show just how small this puppy is, check out those cute googly eyes and tiny ears, i just can’t fight it, i have to say it out loud. Awwwwh so cute!! :) Just apply some yellow paint and you will realize that it is Pikachu in disguise.

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Twitter Pic
Ever since the rumor mill started turning that Beyonce Gave Birth to a baby daughter name Tiana-May Carter, twitter users has been going H.A.M on the topic making it one of the most trending topic on the micro blogging site. Some who seems to have a little Photoshop skills uploaded a photo which was clear done using a photo of Jay-z and one of Beyonce and tagged it Tiana May Carter.

There is the photo above, its pretty funny and I am sure Tiana May Carter won’t look nothing like that on the photo. Looking at this photo make me realize that Jay-z would make an ugly woman. Please share your thoughts on the photoshoot photo that was uploaded on Twitter.

image via Twitter

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Crazy Tattoos
Before I try an attempt to make fun of the mistakes that people make by getting a Tattoo before thinking and then have to live with it for the rest of their lives, I must declare that there are no tattoos on my body so that gives me the right to laugh, you also have the right to laugh even if you have a Tattoo but only if it is a cool one and not a mistake like these 15 photos that you are about to look through and make hilarious comments for other readers to LMAO.

If you feel offended by any of the tattoos that you see in the gallery below, please refrain from having bad thoughts against LoopyComments and do so against the people who made the mistakes, I thank you very Much. Now have a laugh or smile from 15 Hilarious Tattoos.

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