Aerosmith Rock Band Cancels Concert In Indonesia

aerosmith bandAerosmith was due to perform a live concert in Indonesia  on Saturday. Due to a bomb scare, the band cancelled the concert. It was  reported that two militants were arrested for planning to blow up the Myanmar Embassy. A promoter for the show in Jakarta advised it had to be cancelled for safety concerns .

It has not yet been stated if the planned bomb attacks  were a direct threat to the band or the concert venue. Supposedly, this was to be a threat  to protest the treatment of Muslims in Myanmar. At least these two suspects were caught and the explosives were seized before being able to go into explosion.

I don’t know what’s going on lately with all the bombs or bomb plannings.It’s really getting out of control all over the world. Well  of course,the band did apologize for the cancellation and promised to make it up to their fans. But yet there has been no immediate release date of when the show will be rescheduled.

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