About LoopyComments.Com

Loopy Comments started out as a website that offered animated graphics and custom Myspace skins back in early 2008. After the unofficial death of Myspace, tagged and Hi5 there was no longer the need for comment graphics and the demand for custom skins to pimp up Myspace profiles. As a result of this Loopy Comments dot com was transformed into a Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment blog to prevent the death of a good domain name that has been in the Loopy Family for almost 4 years. Presently Loopy Comments is owned and operated by a dedicate team of four writers in which one is the web developer and graphic designer as well. The transformation from Myspace graphics to Celebrity Gossips and Entertainment was only done at the beginning of fall 2010 and within five months of the change with our up to the minute gossips and entertainment news we managed to boost over daily readers from a mere 20 visits per day to a whopping 5-7 thousand visits and over 60,000 visits per month but check out our Traffic Stats below that will be updated periodically. Basically that’s just a drop in the bucket but for only 5 months of reporting we are doing extremely well, can you imagine when we reach the 12 month threshold?

After the transformation we have started a Facebook Fanpage so our readers can show that they appreciate our daily celebrity news, gossip, photos, music, videos and more by simply clicking the “Like” Button on our Fanpage. Presently we already have over 300 followers and it is growing at a pace of approximately 2 likes per day. This shows that readers really enjoy our articles and photos and we will constantly be trying to make the blog/website much more user-friendly and more informative as we poke fun at just about everything.

Presently we are about to form partnership with a few popular companies/brands that will definitely boost the rating of the blog/website. Also with the next six months we are estimating that we will have a six digit readership per month and possible a bigger staff and office to make sure you are constantly in the know, regarding all the famous and no-so famous faces of the entertainment industry and also they weirdest of the human race.

As we grow and build our brand we will have the need for interns and talented individuals to add to our team. You don’t have to be in our area to be a member of staff as we sometimes get invited to cover events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York so a reporter being in any of the above area will be a plus. We will keep you updated as the spots are needed..

Remember that whatever is read on this blog is always written with the Liable Law in strong consideration, each post are merely the thoughts, opinions and comments from the authors and was not meant to be harmful in anyway. That’s why it is called a “Gossip Blog“, the photos, videos and other downloaded media are copyrighted to their respective owners and we always try to give props by adding the owner’s name below each article or to the lower end of the photos. If you see no name then it is because we really don’t know who the owner is and we apologize for that. Our use of photos of celebrities fall under the “fair use” doctrine of the U.S. copyright statue since most of them can be found on just about every entertainment blog online, so we mean no harm or mean to violate any copyright infringements. Thank you for being so understanding and dismissing any thoughts of filing a lawsuit.


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