Jay Z
Jay Z and his million dollar recordings seem to be the center of attention theses days. Jay Z’s master Rock-A-Fella collection recordings dating back from 1998 to 2002 are mysteriously involved in an alleged extortion plot. At the present time, police authorities have possession of the tape recordings.

Sources have reported, that Chauncey Mahan worked with Jay Z in the years 1998 until 2002. Authorities went to question Mahan on Friday in connection with this extortion plot. In 2002, the million dollar recordings went missing. Jay Z and his other pals just assumed the masters had been lost and never thought twice about the fact that they could have been stolen.

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Mimi Faust and her daring sex tape has sales sky rocketed these days just off the trailer being released. Looks like everyone is trying to get their hands on this newly found sex tape that has recently been leaked. “Love and Hip Hop” star Mimi has the most sells in sex tapes in this type of market ever seen.

Vivid has actually made sales of more then $400K so far from this tape. To much astonishment the money they have made has only been off of trailers thus far. We can imagine how the sells are going to be once the full tape goes viral. The whole tape of Mimi and Nikko is said to be released on Monday, sources say.

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larry hughes
Former NBA star Larry Hughes has been questioned by the New York Police Department in regards to a sexual assault on a female. Ex-Knicks player supposedly met the 22 year old victim at the Greenhouse nightclub on Thursday evening. Hughes and the female then walked over to the Trump Soho in NYC after they left the nightclub about 4 a.m. He allegedly assaulted her at the Trump Soho and was walked out in handcuffs by authorities.

Sources say, the accuser was taken to the hospital after the sexual assault occurred and then told the assisting doctor that she was raped. Reports have stated, that Hughes nor the Trump Soho have made any responses to this incident as of yet. Sources have also found other vital information that  Hughes is actually the majority owner of the Greenhouse nightclub and has taken over all operations from previous owner/operator Barry Mullineaux.

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manny pacquiao and timothy bradley

Manny Pacquiao’s bloody boxing trunks from his recent victory match were sold at an auction this past weekend for $40K. He won the all-out boxing match held on Saturday, April 12th between him and Timothy Bradley. Manny decided to donate his winning boxing shorts, gloves and other boxing memorabilia. He made this decision so that he could help raise money for the victims of the super typhoon that occurred in the Philippines in January.

The auction was held at the Beverly Hills Estate of Victorino Noval. The fee to enter into this exclusive event was $1000 per head. Pacquiao’s bloody shorts were bought by a private bidder for the amount of $40,000. The winner of the famous prize possession has not come forward to releasing his or her name as of yet, sources have reported.

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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus had an allergic reaction to medicine on Tuesday night while she was in Kansas city on her “Bangerz Tour“.  She was at the Sprint Center arena, which is where she started to feel ill. It seems as if she had taken some antibiotics that actually caused her allergic attack. After the allergic reaction occurred, Miley was hospitalized in order for doctors to monitor her health.

The doctor immediately put Cyrus on bed rest after being admitted and treated for her condition. To much disappointment, she had to cancel another show and her fans in Kansas will not get to see her perform. Just recently Miley cancelled her Charlotte show as well due to her coming down with the flu virus. We are going to need Miley to take better care of herself and hope she gets well soon because she has many fans anticipating her performances while on her Bangerz Tour.

victor hampton and kelcy quarles
NFL Draft prospects Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton are suspects in a nightclub attack in New York City. The two men are wanted by the NYPD for questioning in their involvement in this incident. Both men are 22 years old and play for The University of South Carolina. Victor is a “quarterback” and Kelcy is “defensive tackle“. They have been projected 2nd or 3rd round draft picks.

Sources have reported that Kelcy and Victor were at the Greenhouse nightclub on April 11th when supposedly a promoter in the VIP section was allegedly attacked by 3 men. The promoter had several face injuries after being attacked. Unfortunately, the two college stars were on the scene in the VIP section at the time this attack happened.

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